A Business Proposal

The Korean comic book "A Business Proposal" explores the topics of strategy, entrepreneurship, and achieving success in the business world. Ha-ri struck a deal: to stop all of her unwelcome marriage set-ups, she would go on one blind date with her best friend and act like a supervillain! Unfortunately, Ha-ri is experiencing a headache instead of easy money. Her date is Taemu, the attractive new CEO of her company, who has his own agenda of marrying the first person who shows up on the date in order to appease his family. Shall Ha-ri accept his offer to continue acting like a pretender? Lying to the boss about who you really are won't have any negative effects, right?

The manhwa delves into the complexities of entrepreneurship, presenting the steps involved in creating a company plan, researching the market, obtaining capital, and efficiently allocating resources. It also explores the challenges of creating a cohesive team, cultivating strategic alliances, and negotiating the dynamic corporate environment.

Readers follow the protagonist's development as they work to realize their goal, experiencing both successes and losses along the way. The complex nature of entrepreneurship and its effects on interpersonal and professional relationships are highlighted by the difficult choices, moral conundrums, and internal conflicts that they must make.

"A Business Proposal" captivates readers with its captivating plot, likable characters, and exciting mix of humor, drama, and suspense. It takes them on an exciting journey through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and, in the end, motivates them to follow their own goals and aspirations in the business world.

Author: Guava Farm, Perilla, NARAK, Haehwa

Genres: Romance

Chapters: 130

Read here: https://tapas.io/series/a-business-proposal/info

Screenshots via tapas.io
Screenshots via tapas.io
Screenshots via tapas.io
Screenshots via tapas.io

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