Pure Love Operation

The charming and enjoyable manhwa (Korean comic) "Pure Love Operation" centers on the idea of unadulterated, pure love. The plot, which is set in a quaint and picturesque setting, follows a cast of lovable characters as they set out on a journey to spread happiness and love and win over the hearts of people around them.

Dating someone who doesn't want to spend time with you is difficult. Su-ae Shim, who dated her uninterested boyfriend, Minu Kang, for years, is the person who knows that the best. She occasionally wishes she had more charisma like her stepsister Ra-im, who seems to have everything. However, Su-ae's life takes an odd turn when she finds Jellypop, a sentient flip phone, in her locker. Jellypop has a lot to say about her romantic life, particularly as Su-ae starts to distance herself from Minu and meets Eunhyeok, Minu's friend. One more thing to consider: Su-ae may require a miracle to get through the highs and lows of high school romance when she starts to suspect that Minu and Ra-im are more than just friends!

"Pure Love Operation"
delves into a variety of feelings, encompassing touching instances of delight and joy as well as the bittersweet feelings of loss and desire. It emphasizes the value of tiny deeds like lending a sympathetic ear, offering assistance, or being thoughtful, and how these seemingly insignificant actions may make a big difference in the lives of others around us.

"Pure Love Operation"
enthralls readers and serves as a powerful reminder of the strength of love and kindness in a world that frequently seems chaotic and difficult thanks to its colorful artwork, likable characters, and a blend of sweetness, humor, and heartbreaking moments. It acts as a gentle reminder to treasure the relationships we have with people, to accept the purity of love, and to make an effort to positively impact those around us.

All things considered, "Pure Love Operation" is a sweet and inspirational manhwa that honors the transformational potential of unadulterated, pure love. It inspires readers to believe in the beauty of love, generosity, and the capacity to make someone's day better by performing small acts of compassion while providing a break from the complexity of the outside world.

Author: kkokkalee , Dledumb

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Chapters: 85

Read here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/operation-true-love/list?title_no=4465

Screenshots via webtoons.com
Screenshots via webtoons.com
Screenshots via webtoons.com
Screenshots via webtoons.com

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