True Beauty

The intriguing and well-liked manhwa (Korean comic) "True Beauty" has amassed a sizable global fandom. It is one of the best cute romance manhwa (webtoons). This coming-of-age tale, written by Yaongyi, delves into the themes of adolescent difficulties, beauty standards, and self-acceptance.

The life of Lim Jugyeong, a high school student with exceptional makeup skills, is the focus of the manhwa. When Jugyeong transfers to a new school and chooses to cover up her natural appearance with layers of makeup, her life takes an unexpected turn. She becomes well-known and attracts attention due to her increased beauty, but she also finds it difficult to keep her secret. Jugyeong finds herself torn between Han Seojun, a popular and charming student, and Lee Suho, a handsome but distant classmate, as the narrative progresses. She is entangled in these two boys' lives, which causes her to have emotional upheaval and difficulties.

In addition to exploring the realm of adolescent romance, "True Beauty" tackles more profound topics like peer pressure, self-worth, and the significance of inner beauty. It highlights the psychological conflicts and fears that many people experience as it examines the repercussions of concealing one's own self beneath a façade of physical perfection.

"True Beauty" has captured readers' attention across the globe with its relatable characters, captivating plot, and gorgeous artwork. Along with addressing timely social issues, it offers opportunities for companionship, growth, and laughter. The manhwa inspires readers of all ages to embrace their true selves and discover beauty beyond the surface by touching on the universal issue of self-acceptance.

Fans of "True Beauty" will find themselves excitedly awaiting each new chapter because of the book's captivating and eye-catching reading experience. It has not only grown to be a well-liked manhwa but has also provoked conversations and thoughtful analysis of the social pressures young people encounter in their pursuit of acceptance and self-worth.

Author: Yaongyi

Genres: Romance

Chapters: 254

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