Battle through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens is a Chinese animated television series, commonly known as Donghua, based on the popular Chinese web novel of the same name. The story follows Xiao Yan, a young man with mediocre martial arts talent in a world where individuals hone their spiritual powers. After the death of her mother and the cancellation of her engagement, Xiao Yan discovers the power hidden within her and begins her journey to become a stronger cultivator and seek revenge for her family.

He lost everything, and his life was turned upside down, leaving him in search of answers. In his quest, he is determined to improve his skills and seek out people who can assist him. The Donghua adaptation of the original novel is faithful to a significant portion of the storyline, featuring martial arts battles, cultivation, and fantasy elements. While there may be some deviations from the source material, the adaptation stays true to the primary plot.

The Battle Through the Heavens is set in a world where magic is nonexistent, and instead, people practice qigong. The continent is filled with treasures, beauty, and powerful creatures, and the only thing that matters is strength. The weak will inevitably be crushed by the strong.

Release date: September 3 –October 25, 2018

Developed by: Motion Magic

Number of episodes: 45

Watch Here:

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Screenshot via
Video by Yuewen Animation English on Youtube

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