Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, also known as Mo Dao Zu Shi, is a Chinese animated series based on a popular web novel written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. The Dong Hua adaptation was produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and aired in 2018.

The story follows Wei Wuxian, a mischievous monk known for his unorthodox techniques. One day, he accidentally unravels a dark secret from the past, leading to chaos and tragedy. After his death, Wei Wuxian is reincarnated in the body of a lunatic and begins to uncover the mysteries behind his previous life.

Apart from Wei Wuxian, the story features other prominent characters, including Lan Wangji, Jiang Cheng, and other cultivators. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the consequences of power, with a rich blend of supernatural elements.

The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation's
popularity has extended beyond China, attracting a significant international fan base. It was praised for its engaging characters, complex plot, and beautifully animated fight sequences. If you like cultivation-themed stories with a mix of action and supernatural elements, this donghua is worth exploring.

Release date: July 9, 2018
Developed by: Tencent Penguin Pictures
Number of episodes: 35
Watch Here:

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