Snow Eagle Lord

Snow Eagle Lord is a donghua series based on the novel The Jungle Book by author Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi. The series tells the story of Dongbo Xueying, a teenager born in a land called Snow Eagle Territory. Dongbo Xueying's father, Dongbo Lie, was a commoner who became a noble, and his mother was a noblewoman who ran away from home to follow love. Dongbo Xueying has a younger brother named Dongbo Qingshi, who is adorable and innocent.

However, Dongbo Xueying's peaceful life is interrupted when his parents are kidnapped. He becomes determined to rescue them, but evil forces are also joining together to attack the Ha family. Dongbo Xueying realizes that a hero must rise to fight these demons, and that hero must be him. But he cannot defeat this monstrous force alone.

Therefore, he decides to ally with a talented young warrior who is also a member of the academy. This young warrior possesses magical talent and power, great martial arts skills, and great intelligence. Together, they plan to defeat the evil forces and save Dongbo Xueying's parents.

Release date: Jun 21, 2023

Developed by: Tencent Penguin Pictures

Number of episodes: 26

Watch Here:

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Screenshot via
Video by BaoTQ 3D Animation on YouTube

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