Bloody Romance

The captivating manhwa serial "Blood Romance" was made by JIHYUN SA, SEORU. It belongs in the historical, supernatural, and romance genres. People will do anything for their fifteen minutes of fame, according to a proverb, and rising Mukbang sensation Bang Hari is no exception. She was determined to eat her way to the top until she received a harsh medical directive to drop 20 kg or risk developing diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and other conditions. Resolved to resume creating mukbang films, Hari begins working out daily after school. On Doyun, her classmate, is dealing with personal issues at the moment.

This half-vampire is in for a shock when the fragrance of Hari's blood proves too strong to resist when he's busy battling his inner demons and attempting to control his cravings to suck blood. The fact that Hari won't stop offering to let him drink her blood just makes matters worse. This strange couple decides to conduct weekly bloodsucking sessions. However, Doyun is baffled as to why her sweet-smelling blood tastes so good and why she would go to such lengths for her mukbang vlogging career. He quickly discovers that he is not the only vampire in town craving Hari's blood—or her heart—as he searches for the answers.

Identity, loyalty, and the effects of one's decisions are some of the issues that "Blood Romance" addresses. It creates a gripping story full of suspense and emotional depth by fusing aspects of historical drama, fantasy, and romance. The manhwa illustrates the intricacies of its characters, their inner turmoil, and the difficulties they encounter in a world where magical forces and betrayal abound.

The combination of romance, historical setting, and supernatural elements in "Blood Romance" has captured readers with its exquisite artwork, complex plot, and well-developed characters. It presents a striking and original perspective on betrayal, love, and the price of power in a world where evil is always there.


Genres: Comic, Romance

Chapters: 60

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