Vampire of the East

The interesting manhwa series "Vampire of the East" was written by JO, Joo-hee, and Seunghee Han. It fits into the fantasy, supernatural, and action genres. Although humans and vampires coexist in the world where the narrative is set, there is a lot of animosity and struggle between the two species.

Yangsun starts a new life as a book salesman while concealing her true identity following the dissolution of her family. One day, while on a book delivery mission to Eumseokgol, she encounters Sungyul Kim, an incredibly gorgeous scholar. They are drawn to one another, but because Sungyul is a vampire, their relationship is doomed from the beginning.

"Vampire of the East" delves into themes of identity, atonement, and the fallout from dominance. It explores Yi Dongmu's inner conflicts as he tries to make sense of his sinister past and his current behavior. Manhwa readers have come to love "Vampire of the East" for its action-packed plot, detailed world-building, and compelling character development. Audiences are enthralled with the story's unique blend of supernatural themes and powerful narrative.

Author: JO, Joo-hee, Seunghee Han

Genres: Romance, Fantasy

Chapters: 113

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