The Vampire's Plans to Die in Peace

The interesting manhwa series "The Vampire's Plans to Die in Peace" was written by Cheongjong and CHAROLE. It blends aspects of comedy, fantasy, and romantic genres. That is one of the best vampire romance manhwa (webtoons). The narrative centers on Luna, a strong vampire who has had enough of life beyond death and longs for a quiet passing.

The female heroine discovers that, after having leaped to her death, she unexpectedly awoke in the body of Luna, an immortal vampire from a book she had read. But Luna's want to pass away quietly hasn't altered. And with that, she begins her centuries-long plan to train the Shufeldt family to be the best vampire hunters. She especially hopes that Frid Shufeldt, the male protagonist, would mature and be able to quickly destroy Luna. But as it happens, her efforts don't always produce the outcomes she's hoping for. Is it truly possible for Luna to fulfill her deep desire to die?

With an emphasis on the protagonist's internal conflicts and the value of interpersonal relationships, "The Vampire's Plans to Die in Peace" presents a novel interpretation of vampire mythology. The show delves into topics like as isolation, salvation, and the pursuit of significance in an everlasting life. Readers who appreciate paranormal romance with a hint of humor have come to love this manhwa because of its captivating plot, eye-catching artwork, and poignant moments mixed in with humor.

Author: CHAROLE, Cheongjong

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural

Chapters: 63

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