Please pardon the shameless plug, but we couldn't possibly compile a list of resources for finding free books online and leave ourselves out. Every day, BookBub sends out an email and updates our website with new titles that are either free or deeply reduced. Customized reading lists based on your preferred genres will be delivered straight to your mailbox.

And for those of you who listen to books on tape but are frustrated by the lack of sales, we recommend Chirp! Chirp provides time-sensitive discounts on popular audiobooks for as low as $4, with no monthly or annual subscriptions.


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Top 10 Best Websites to Read Books for Free

  1. top 1 BookBub
  2. top 2 Project Gutenberg
  3. top 3 World Public Library
  4. top 4 Radish
  5. top 5 Riveted
  6. top 6 International Children’s Digital Library
  7. top 7 Screenshot via
  8. top 8 Tor
  9. top 9 OverDrive
  10. top 10 Wattpad

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