OverDrive was started in 1986 by Steve Potash. Their goals shifted as the internet and electronic books developed throughout the 1990s. Since introducing our content distribution service in 2000, OverDrive has seen tremendous growth. OverDrive provides more than 88,000 libraries and schools in 109 countries with access to the largest digital content inventory in the world and the highest-rated apps that are designed to make reading enjoyable.

They have matured as a company thanks to our experiences, both good and bad, and our relationships with others. They have built lasting partnerships with institutions such as libraries and educational institutions all across the world, one account at a time. Reading literacy promotion has always been a priority, and from the start, they have made it a point to align with the mission of their global network. OverDrive's vision, purpose, core beliefs, and values serve as daily reminders of who we are as a company and what we aim for: A World Enlightened by Reading.

Website: https://www.overdrive.com/

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Top 10 Best Websites to Read Books for Free

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  7. top 7 Screenshot via
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