Can you smoke in Turkmenistan?

As many of you are aware, smoking in public areas is prohibited in Turkmenistan. It's also quite tough to buy smokes in Turkmenistan. In reality, Turkmenistan and Bhutan are the only countries that have nationwide smoking bans in all public locations, as well as bans on the sale of cigarettes. This is absolutely one of the top Things about Turkmenistan You Should Know.

People will always smoke, so where is it genuinely permitted, and how can one obtain cigarettes? The essential point of the law is that smoking is prohibited in all public areas. This means that you can smoke at hotels, for example. They usually feature a smoking area in the back for international tourists as well as locals who need a short nicotine fix. There are also some unauthorized smoking zones where local law enforcement turns a blind eye when you're out and about. One example is near one of the Berkarar Shopping Centre's side entrances. There are a few modest cafes where folks congregate for a quick cigarette.

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