The best time to visit Turkmenistan

You are curious about the ideal time to visit Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan is a land of extremes: it is extremely hot in the summer and extremely frigid in the winter. This is absolutely one of the top Things about Turkmenistan You Should Know. Its location on the famed Silk Road brought different influences that can still be seen today in a plethora of spectacular monuments and ruined ruins. Despite the fact that Turkmenistan offers not only breathtaking sights but also unique natural beauties, it is one of the least traveled sites in Central Asia.

The ideal months to visit Turkmenistan are April to June and November to December. Temperatures are at their most pleasant during this period, but the weather is harsh in winter and summer; it gets freezing cold and blisteringly hot, respectively! If you decide to travel in the winter, keep in mind that many domestic planes do not operate and that many restaurants are closed.

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