Is it safe to travel to Turkmenistan?

Turkmenistan, according to official assertions, is a safe place for travelers, and even government sources maintain that the country is crime-free. It should be noted that no country in the world is completely free of crime. Turkmenistan is a generally secure country to visit, with extremely few occurrences of violent crime, mugging, pickpocketing, and property theft, but you should still take extra measures.

Given that Turkmenistan's tourism business is still in its early stages, skipping the necessary precautions will find you in hot water. Thieves are always looking for opportunities to rob you of your money in crowded places such as local markets, or they may even make their move in overnight crowded trains; there have also been reports of bandits looting tourists in rural locales, though this is rare. Furthermore, there are some restricted areas in Turkmenistan. Some of these places are near the borders of Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and the Dashoguz and Caspian Seas.

However, if you wish to visit these areas, you will need a special permit from the government, and without one, even Turkmenistan Airlines will not allow you to board a flight. A minor caveat: obtaining permission to visit the above-mentioned restricted locations can take anywhere from 10 to 15 days.

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