Clover Club

Intricate tile work, curved leather booths, marble tables, vintage sofas, and a working fireplace express the Victorian bent of this standard-bearing cocktail parlor from mixology matriarch Julie Reiner (Leyenda, Flatiron Lounge). The 19th-century mahogany bar is the focal point, where vest-clad barkeeps swirl and shake retro concoctions that are clearly stated on the lengthy menu. Choose from majestic crystal punch bowls or skillfully crafted cocktails, both old and new.

Cobble Hill, a local attraction located next to this tavern, is a component of the city's distinctive culture. It's fun to try well-prepared grilled sirloin steaks, fried chicken, and bacon here. Good nougat, ginger ice cream, and chocolate truffles are on the menu. Many guests order excellent house wine, bourbon, or beer.

Clover Club
's cozy atmosphere allows visitors to unwind after a long day at work. Many individuals have commented on how informed the staff is at this location. Guests appreciate the excellent service provided here. Several reviewers believe the foods are reasonably priced. The fireplace is magnificent, as many guests agree.

Location: 210 Smith St, New York City, New York, USA


Clover Club
Clover Club
Clover Club
Clover Club

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