Jadis wine bar, a few feet below the pavement, exudes casual romanticism and incidental magic–qualities that are often imitated with low, golden lighting schemes and chicly rustic design, but rarely completely conveyed at such a fast speed. It's important to choose who you share that carafe with since it's easy to fall in love here. After a lengthy trip to Fusion Arts Museum, stop by this pub for some tasty food and a spot to rest. At Jadis, you may sample French food. The chefs at this establishment strive to serve excellent beet salads, truffle risotto, and duck to their patrons. Taste crème brûlée, fruitcake, and panna cotta that have been prepared to perfection. Visitors can choose from a variety of tasty mulled wine, beer, or Sangria. You may enjoy excellent coffee here.

This bar's success would not be feasible without the kind personnel. People praise the company's exceptional service in their reviews. Many reviewers point out that the dishes are reasonably priced. The elegant decor may astound you.

Location: 42 Rivington St, New York City, New York, USA

Website: jadisnyc.com


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