Popular Korean comics called "Downpour" are known as "Boys' Love" manhwa, or comics that center on romantic relationships between male characters. Under a pen name or pseudonym, "Downpour" was written by an author, artist, or group of creators, and it has captured readers' attention with its gripping plot and endearing cast of characters.

The two heroes of the manhwa, who are usually portrayed as young males, have a profound emotional bond that frequently develops into a love one. BL manhwa stories range greatly in tone, from humorous and lighthearted to tragic and dramatic. Themes of love, friendship, self-discovery, and social acceptance are frequently explored in these stories.

Shoe designer Park Seokyeon is forced to start over after being exposed at work. He gets hired by "Youm," a young company with lots of benefits and a welcoming work atmosphere. It appears to be the ideal business until Seokyeon learns that Jin Yeowon, his old crush and the heartless jerk who almost drove him to commit suicide, is the CEO. They need to collaborate now, but will past animosities resurface? Love shows up when you least expect it, much like an unexpected downpour.

In general, "Downpour" is a BL manhwa that has attracted notice due to its captivating narratives and representation of romantic bonds amongst male characters. It gives readers the chance to lose themselves in an engrossing world of love, feelings, and personal development.

Author: Dsu, Sunil, Chepali

Genres: Bl, Romance

Chapters: 78

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