Killing Stalking

Dark and passionate, "Killing Stalking" is a BL (Boys' Love) manhwa that became well-known due to its compelling and psychological plot. It explores the complicated and twisted connection between the two main characters, Yoon Bum and Oh Sangwoo, and was written by novelist Koogi. That is one of the best BL manhwa (webtoons) with suicidal MC.

The protagonist of the manhwa is Yoon Bum, a shy and awkward young man who falls in love with the alluring and seemingly ideal Sangwoo. But as Yoon Bum's obsession deepens, he learns that beyond Sangwoo's endearing exterior, there lies a dark and vicious side. "Killing Stalking" delves into issues of abuse, manipulation, and the hazy boundaries between perpetrator and victim throughout the entire series. It explores the depths of both characters' psyches, looking into their traumas, pasts, and motivations for behavior. The manhwa takes readers on a gripping and frequently unsettling journey as Yoon Bum and Sangwoo's friendship grows more complicated and perilous.

It's crucial to remember that "Killing Stalking" has mature and graphic content, including violent and manipulative moments as well as frightening scenes. Because of its explicit content and dark themes, it may not be appropriate for all audiences. It is meant for an adult audience. All things considered, "Killing Stalking" sticks out as a compelling and provocative black light manhwa that delves into the dark aspects of relationships and the intricacies of human psychology. Because of its deep narrative, complex character development, and the emotional journey it takes readers on, it has garnered a devoted following.

Author: Koogi

Genres: BL, Depraved, Hardcore, Locked Up, Psychopath

Chapters: 67

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