Story of Our Lives

Popular boys' love (BL) manhwa "Story of Our Lives" has captured readers' attention with its gripping plot and endearing characters. This manhwa, which is set in a modern context, follows two people as they work through the difficulties of love, relationships, and self-discovery.

After Jihye, his ten-year lover, dies in an automobile accident, Hyunwoo descends into a deep state of shock and depression. As if the loss wasn't enough, a phantom of Jihye materializes in his conscience, haunting him with memories of the horrific events of that night. In an attempt to move on from his past, Hyunwoo follows his mother's advise and accepts to go on a blind date. Perhaps he needs to start over with a different girl. Someone with whom he can form fresh memories. However, all he can think of when he meets his date is Jihye. since she resembles his deceased ex-girlfriend perfectly.

"Story of Our Lives" delves into a number of topics, including the strength of love, personal development, and acceptance of oneself. It explores the complexities of human emotions, showing the characters' victories and tribulations as they work through their fears, desires, and social expectations. BL fans all around the world have fallen in love with "Story of Our Lives" because of its exquisitely drawn panels and subtle narrative. It has received recognition for its ability to arouse sincere feelings in readers and for depicting relationships in a realistic manner.

Author: Sria

Artist: Chahyun

Genres: Intense, Love Triangle, BL, Trauma, Drama

Chapters: 54

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