HTML and CSS QuickStart Guide

David Durocher is a web design instructor, author, and a 10-year veteran of a Fortune 500 technology firm. David knows how to get results and distill his experience into actionable learning insight thanks to his extensive web development education experience. David's students have developed practical HTML, CSS, and other coding language skill sets under his tutelage. His results-oriented teaching methods, extensive hands-on experience, and engaging style demonstrate time and again that anyone can learn the skills required to build a professional tech career.

Experienced developers understand that mastering HTML and CSS fundamentals are not only a necessary web design skill but also the foundation of strong coding skillset.

Author, instructor, and 10+ year Fortune 500 tech company veteran David Durocher breaks down HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals in manageable, practical, and engaging segments designed for first-time developers in HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide. The book is among the best books on front-end web development.

Whether you are a student, a job seeker looking to improve your resume, a freelancer, a designer, an experienced developer, or simply someone who wants to build their own website from the ground up, this book has everything you need to know!

The HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide is ideal for:

  • Job seekers who want to boost the value of their resume
  • Artists, bloggers, and digital entrepreneurs looking to personalize their online presence
  • Users of WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace who want to customize templates
  • Anyone who wants to create attractive, responsive, and modern websites with no prior experience is welcome to use this software.

HTML and CSS The QuickStart Guide include:

  • HTML and CSS for Beginners-everything you need to know about HTML and CSS in one place.
  • HTML tags, CSS elements, CSS styling, and how to put everything together
  • Future-proofing-knowing how to create websites that look great on any browser and device.
  • How to save time by producing clean and tidy code using best practices
  • Formatting, sizing, fonts, images, multimedia, forms, sprites, and gradients—everything you need to make your website completely unique!

The HTML and CSS QuickStart Guide Will Show You:

  • Modern Web Design Fundamentals - Learn how to create functional and responsive web pages by combining HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Principles of Site Structure and Responsive Design - How to format HTML and CSS markup to create visually appealing websites and web pages that look great on any browser and device.
  • Bringing Your Projects to Life - Learn how to incorporate forms, multimedia elements, special characters, and other elements into your web projects.
  • Best Practices for Correct Markup - Learn how to create clean, professional HTML documents with industry-standard tools like GitHub.
  • HTML and CSS for Novices - HTML and CSS elements, formatting, padding, gradients, menus, testing, debugging, keeping your site's code up to date, and more are all covered, with plenty of visual examples and a hands-on project!

Author: David Durocher

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Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars (from 422 reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #24,207 in Books

#1 in XHTML Software Programming Computer

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