HTML5: The Missing Manual

Matthew MacDonald is a science and technology author who has written more than a dozen books. In Creating a Website: The Missing Manual, web newbies can take their first steps onto the Internet with him. HTML5: The Missing Manual teaches HTML fans about the cutting edge of web design. And in the quirky handbooks, people of all kinds can discover how strange they truly are. Your Body: The Missing Manual, as well as Your Brain: The Missing Manual.

HTML5 is a collection of several independent web standards, not just a markup language. Fortunately, this comprehensive guide has everything you need in one place. HTML5: The Missing Manual teaches you how to create web apps with video tools, dynamic graphics, geolocation, offline features, and responsive layouts for mobile devices using step-by-step tutorials and real-world examples.

The essential information is as follows:

  • Improve the structure of web pages. Discover how HTML5 makes web design tools and search engines smarter.
  • Add audio and video without the use of plugins. Create playback pages that work in all browsers.
  • Canvas allows you to create visually stunning images. Create shapes, images, and text; run animations; and play interactive games.
  • CSS3 will spruce up your pages. Use transitions and animation to add fancy fonts and eye-catching effects.
  • Create better web forms. HTML5 form elements make it easier to collect information from visitors.
  • Create it once and run it everywhere. Make your site look good on desktops, tablets, and smartphones by using a responsive design.
  • Include advanced desktop features. Create self-contained web apps that can be used offline and store the data that users require.

Author: Matthew MacDonald

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