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For over 15 years, Jon Duckett has been designing and developing websites. He has worked with both small startups and large corporations, and he has written over a dozen books on web design and programming. Jon Duckett has been designing and delivering web and mobile projects for small businesses and tech startups all the way up to global brands like Diesel, Philips, Nike, Wrangler, and Xerox for over 15 years.

In JavaScript and jQuery, renowned author Jon Duckett abandons the traditional programming book template in favor of a more relevant, less intimidating approach to writing code. His books, which are full-color and packed with instructional graphics and photos, have a devoted following because they illustrate programming in a way that is both instructive for newcomers and invaluable for seasoned coders.

Duckett ensures that you will quickly be writing your own working scripts by discussing JavaScript and jQuery in a single text. However, the book does not assume any prior knowledge of JavaScript or jQuery. Duckett demonstrates techniques that would require pages and pages of detailed explanation if you were taught to create the plugins yourself by using popular jQuery plugins. This sturdy and appealing hardcover edition is one you'll keep open on your desk as a reference for years to come.

  • In a hardbound, dust-jacketed edition, a timeless and lasting version of a classic "Duckett" book.
  • Completely understandable to those who are intimidated by the subject matter, and applicable to all front-end designers and developers who need to understand JavaScript.
  • Discusses applying responsive design techniques, leveraging APIs to save you time and work in coding, and determining when to use CSS transforms over pure JavaScript.
  • Beautiful 4-color illustrations and examples make this a fantastic academic resource for students of all levels.

Among the best books on front-end web development, JavaScript & jQuery clearly explains programming jargon, addressing vocabulary without making it a requirement for readers. Duckett addresses readers directly, making this an invaluable resource.

Author: Jon Duckett

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