Hudson River Valley

The Hudson River Valley is scenic and so easy to reach from Connecticut being within two short hours away. Hudson River Valley is 150 miles of lush nature marked by hundreds of years of history, human endeavors, and breathtaking natural beauty. Home to charming towns like New Paltz, Catskill, Hudson, Poughkeepsie, Troy, Hyde Park, Kingston, and many others, the valley has seen battles that formed the nation at Saratoga, New York, and artists of the Hudson River School of Painters that defined how the world sees American art and top chefs graduating from the Culinary Institute of America to provide us with fresh perspectives on food.

You will find great day trips, unique restaurants, and more. Hop aboard a Hudson River cruise ship for a day away and watch the magnificent landscape glide by while having a delicious three-course lunch. A perfect way to end the day trip is to visit America’s oldest winery for a wine tasting and tour the historic atmospheric underground wine cellar that houses more than 200 oak barrels in a crested stone vault.

Location: New York, United States
Distance from Connecticut
: 77 miles

Travel Time: 1 hour 50 minutes
: 212-242-6427
: Free
: 6:00 AM - 1:00 PM
TripAdvisor Rating
: ‎4.5/5

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