The Hamptons

Don't skip the day excursion to the Hamptons, which is accessible from most of Connecticut in about one and a half hours, if you adore and miss the English countryside. The Hamptons is a group of small villages and hamlets which together form the South Fork of Long Island. Known for its fresh air, peace, and beautiful beaches, The Hamptons is a place that's perfect for a little escape from the city. It's also a totally gorgeous area to explore on a long weekend trip. Famed as the summer home to some of America's most elite, thousands escape the hot city each summer to South Hampton and East Hampton.

With an abundance of beautiful homes and restaurants offering fresh, local produce and seafood, the Hamptons is a perfect getaway after a hectic week. East Hampton is the epicenter of all the major activities. It is repeatedly referred to as the "Most beautiful villages in America". It's also one of the world's top beach towns. The Hamptons have tons of activities to offer to its visitors and residents. Ranging from partying and beautiful beaches, famous restaurants, museums, antique shops, and nature preserves to dance and drinks to soaking up the waves and sand.

Location: Long Island, Suffolk County, New York, United States
Distance from Connecticut
: 98 miles
Travel Time
: 2 hours 90 minutes

TripAdvisor Rating: ‎4.5/5

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