Newport has always been connected to the sea, from its beginnings as a shipbuilding port to its current status as America's yachting capital. With its sumptuous mansions and breathtaking cliff walk, Newport is known as "America's First Resort Town". It is about an hour away and is easily accessible within two hours from Connecticut. This is a location that is stunning all year round. When visiting the mansions in the spring, seek daffodils and take part in a daffodil festival at Blithewold.

Summer in Newport is pure magic that takes you back to the gilded age with beautiful gardens in full bloom and mansions decorated with lavish floral bouquets. Autumn’s mantle of foliage shows the mansions in a burnished time-mellowed light, and winter’s splendor is when the mansions are festooned with amazing decorations sure to get you in a holiday mood. With something for everyone, Newport offers history, art, culture, sailing, beaches, tennis, and fabulous shopping in its many boutiques.

Location: Rhode Island, United States


Distance from Connecticut: 120 miles

Travel Time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Tel: 1-800-972-4545

TripAdvisor Rating: ‎4.5/5

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