Lake Suchitlán

The largest man-made lake in El Salvador is within a short distance from Suchitoto. After the Cerron Grande dam was built in 1976, the Lake Suchitlan was constructed.

A boat ride over Lake Suchitlan is, of course, the most popular activity. Visitors can also witness sloths, monkeys, and iguanas in the nearby surroundings. When visiting Lake Suchitlan, bird gazing is also highly popular. Try kayaking in Lake Suchitlan if you are seeking a more active tour. You can arrange your own boat ride by walking down from Suchitoto to Puerto Touristico San Juan and asking a local fisherman to show you around. Bring some food and a few cold beers, you will have a wonderful day on the lake. For those seeking a dose of nature, the 13 meter (39 ft) Los Tercios Waterfall is not far from Lake Suchitlan. The hot springs of Agua Calienter, which are rich in natural beauty, are about 2.5 kilometers down the road from the waterfall.

If you still have time, travel a bit further to see the famous Guazapa volcano. You may also find out a lot more about El Salvador's civil war history here. If you are visiting Lake Suchitlan, it is recommended for you to stay at Suchitoto.

Location: Lake Suchitlán, El Salvador
Entrance fee: N/A
Best time to visit: N/A
Hours: N/A

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