Top 5 Best Lakes to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. Top 1 Bilecko Lake
  2. Top 2 Blidinje Lake
  3. Top 3 Boracko lake
  4. Top 4 Busko Lake
  5. Top 5 Prokosko Lake

Top 5 Best Lakes to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Everybody is already aware that Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the water-richest nations in Europe, with breathtakingly beautiful rivers and lakes. The ... read more...

  1. The artificial lake known as Bilecko Lake is situated in the municipality of Bilea, which is a part of the Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A tiny portion of the lake's length forms the Montenegrin border. The 1968 construction of the Granarevo Dam, an arch dam across the Trebinjica River, resulted in the creation of the artificial lake. One of Bosnia and Herzegovina's largest lakes, it is located 17 km from Trebinje town in the upper and middle part of the Trebsinjica valley.

    The only church on Bilecko Lake was formerly only accessible by boat. This autumn, you can go there on foot. Every day, the water recedes, leaving behind memories of the villages that were inundated exactly 50 years ago. The historic homes, stables, and gardens of the Zavodje village are now a major draw. The inhabitants of the five villages were forced to abandon their homes permanently before the Bilecko Lake was formed and the water descended into the valley of Trebisnjica. While you are strolling on terrain that was once someone's backyard, the sound of shells breaking under your feet and breaking into bits brings you back to reality. Locals and their descendants are the main visitors to the shell-decorated ruins.

    Location: only 17 from the city of Trebinje

    Video: Tamás Marosi
    Photo:  SeeSrpska
    Photo: SeeSrpska

  2. The largest alpine lake of its kind in the nation, Blidinje Lake is situated in Blidinje Nature Park on the karstic Blidinje plateau in Bosnia and Herzegovina, between Jablanica, Tomislavgrad, and Posuje. The lake is the park's and Bosnia and Herzegovina's entire Dinaric Alps karst's most significant hydrogeological feature.

    It is 2.5 kilometers long and 2.1 kilometers wide, situated at an altitude of 1,185 meters above sea level. The lake's maximum depth is only 4.5 meters, and its average depth is only 1 meter. The lake has a range of 2.5 to 6 km2 in size, and its average depth is 1.9 m.

    Blidinje Lake is a direct result of glacial retreat, however documentation from the Pokleani parochial office and modern study into the karst hydrology of the plateau claim that the lake is also a result of human intervention and activity. These documents claim that the lake is man-made and was developed around the end of the 19th century. Residents and cow breeders filled sinkholes with mud and branches to prevent water from seeping underground, keeping the water that is lost through the underground pathway. Consequently, the lake developed.

    Location: Tomislavgrad/Posušje

    Photo:  Sarajevo Times
    Photo: Sarajevo Times
    Photo:  Wikipedia
    Photo: Wikipedia
  3. At an elevation of 405 m.a.s.l., Boracko Glacier Lake is a stunning emerald gem nestled between three majestic mountains: Mt. Prenj, Mt. Bjelanica, and Mt. Visoica. It is a naturally occurring lake surrounded by a thick coniferous and deciduous forest, creating an oasis of fresh air and a beautiful setting. So, it's one of the best lakes to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    In the fall, when the colors are bright and crowds are scarce, the landscape is much more noticeable. avorite time of year to visit this wonderful small place is now, when it is quieter, more peaceful, and more tranquil.

    By traveling the magnificent mountain road via the Bjelanica and Visoica mountains, you can include Boracko Lake as part of a larger journey from Sarajevo to Mostar. It connects Bosnia and Herzegovina and is the most picturesque mountain road in the entire nation. If you are in shape, you can use this road to bike or hike along the Via Dinarica White Trail. The extremely comprehensive Via Dinarica website has all the information you could possibly need regarding how to hike in this area. If not, you will need a car to travel this route as there is no public transportation available.

    Location: Konjic Municipality

    Photo:  Sarajevo Times
    Photo: Sarajevo Times
    Photo:  Pinterest
    Photo: Pinterest
  4. The Busko Lake has a 55.8 km2 size and is located at a height of 700 meters. Two thirds of the lake are in the municipality of Tomislavgrad, and one third is in the municipality of Livno. It is one of the largest lakes in Europe based on lake size. It was produced in the 1970s as the Buko mud sank.

    Due to its geographical location on the border of Bosnia, Dalmatia, and Herzegovina as well as its favorable climate, the lake draws a lot of tourists. Countless archaeological sites, numerous Roman and Illyrian ruins, several artifacts, and innumerable cemeteries with numerous tombstones have been left behind by the region's fascinating past.

    This area offers practically all sporting opportunities in addition to historic features. The lake's water is exceptionally warm and inviting for swimming during the summer. Nearly all sports that require wind are ideal for the lake. Visitors can climb the hills and mountains that surround the lake and stay in mountain cottages while on vacation.

    Aside from this, fisherman find the lake to be quite appealing. It is abundant in fish and is home to endemic species like the Dalmatian Barbelgudgeon, minnow-nase, and European chub, while catfishing has recently gained popularity. The over 40 kilogram specimens that are caught and photographed draw trophy specimen hunters and inspire the imagination of anglers.

    Location: One-third in the municipality of Livno and two-thirds in the municipality of Tomislavgrad

    Photo:  Sarajevo Times
    Photo: Sarajevo Times
    Photo:  Itinari
    Photo: Itinari
  5. Closing the list of best lakes to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Prokosko Lake. The Prokosko Lake is situated in a stunning natural amphitheater hidden on the Vranica Mountain, which has a reputation for being the hiding spot of hajduks (outlaws) throughout history. The mountain eye, as it is still affectionately referred to, is situated at a place 22 kilometers from Fojnica at a height of 1635 meters above sea level.

    Aside from its stunning fairytale surroundings, what makes this area so unique is that it is home to the endemic subspecies of Triton. The lake is of the glacial type and several springs with pure water are flowing into this lake.

    The basin of Prokosko Lake has been legally protected since 1954, solely because of this resident, Triturus alpestris Neisseria, which bears the name of the ornithologist who discovered it at the National Museum of BiH in Sarajevo.

    In 1982, the lake and its surrounds were designated as a regional park of nature. They were given rigorous protection, and in 2005, the region was designated as a natural monument. On your way from Fojnica to Prokosko Lake, you can stop at the mountain lodge Jezernica for a break. From there, you have three options for continuing your journey: on rented bikes, on a designated hiking track, or by your automobile.

    Location: Vranica Mountain

    Photo:  Herzegovina Hiking Adventure
    Photo: Herzegovina Hiking Adventure
    Photo:  Sarajevo Funky Tours
    Photo: Sarajevo Funky Tours

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