Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bosna and Hercegovina is a country at the crossroads of south and southeast Europe, located in the Balkans. It is a country with many beautiful landscapes, especially waterfalls. It is an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Let's discover the most beautiful waterfalls in Bosna and Hercegovina!

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Kravice Waterfall

In Bosnia and Herzegovina's karstic heartland, on the Trebižat River, the Kravica Waterfall is a sizable tufa cascade. It is located 40 kilometers south of Mostar and 10 kilometers south of Ljubuški. The lagoon at the waterfall's base has a 120-meter radius and a height of roughly 25 meters. Kravica is a well-liked swimming and picnic spot that gets a lot of visitor traffic in the summer.

A small café, a rope swing, a picnic spot, and a camping area are also located near Kravica Falls. The greatest season to travel is in the spring when the fall colors are at their peak and the parched terrain turns a vibrant green. During the busy season, a number of eateries close to the waterfalls primarily provide grilled food and seafood specialties. A small cave with calcium carbonate stalactites, a historic mill, and a sailing ship is situated nearby the Kravica Falls. Zaim-beg Selimi, a well-known municipal councilor, landowner, benefactor, and philanthropist from Ljubuški, was the waterfall's owner.

Location: Trebižat River, the karstic heartland of Herzegovina, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

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Koćuša Waterfalls

Waterfall Koćuša is located on the Mlade River, in the settlement of Veljaci in the municipality of Ljubuski. Sedimentary rocks, also known as tuff or calcareous sediments, which have collected over time and increased the beauty of this natural oasis, are another component of the landscape's natural treasure. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bosnia và Herzegovina.

The waterfall measures 50 meters in length and 5 meters in height. The area has been enriched for many years by the mills and columns nearby. Sedentary rocks, which nature has been forming for millennia, are carried by the falling water and give the scene a nearly fantastical appearance. The landscape is considerably more beautiful when there isn't a drought and the Trebizat is more abundant with water. The idyllic landscape of vegetation, rocks, and water adds to the sense of time travel, which is furthered by the mills along the river. Standing on the shore gives you the sense that the sea is all around you, and you can hear a loud noise and feel the cool breeze of nature.

Location: Veljaci bb, Ljubuški, Bosnia và Herzegovina

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Skakavac Waterfall

In Bosnia and Herzegovina's Sutjeska National Park, the Peruica, a mountain creek, is protected as a Strict Nature Reserve and is the source of the waterfall known as Skakavac. With a height of roughly 75 meters (246 feet), it is one of the highest waterfalls in the nation.

Under Magli (2,386 m), Bosnia and Herzegovina's tallest mountain, and separated from Zelengora mountain by the canyon of the Sutjeska river, is the Perućica ancient beech and spruce forest. Peruica Creek descends between two steep Magli slopes after cutting through the Peruica woodland. The stream descends from the upper hanging valley to the lower valley in the middle of its journey, plunging 75 meters off a karstic limestone cliff to meet the Sutjeska river in the valley of Tjentište.

A route leads to the park's biggest tourist draw, the Skakavac waterfall. The trailhead is reachable on foot, by bus, and by automobile. Travelers can take the Skakavac Nature Preserve and Nahorevo hiking trails to reach the waterfall trailhead from Sarajevo. There are rest stops along the trail so that a car can also get to the waterfall.

Location: Perućica, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

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Photo: wikipedia
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Štrbački Buk Waterfalls

Štrbački Buk, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is 24.5 meters high and is the largest and most impressive waterfall on the Una River. For many years, Una's natural beauty drew artists looking for inspiration for their works as well as nature lovers and fishermen to these waterfalls.

The three-part travertine waterfall known as "Štrbački Buk" is located in the river's gorge valley. It is regarded by many as Bosnia's most stunning waterfall.

Štrbački Buk Waterfall is also one of the busiest and most thrilling rafting routes in Europe. Due to this, a lot of travel companies provide excursions through the Una River valley, where you can engage in activities like rafting, kayaking, and speed river diving. The easiest way to get to Trbaki Buk is by Road R408 in Orasac. One can reach Trbaki Buk by traveling north along the river Una on a little dust road that runs to the river Una (8 km). Štrbački Buk is a rapid that is included in a rafting route. The Una River descends over 18 to 24 meters.

Location: Una-Sana Canton, city Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Pliva Waterfall

The Pliva Waterfall is situated where the Pliva and Vrbas rivers converge close to the town of Jajce in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. The waterfall is a sizable tufa, often referred to as a travertine barrier, that cascades over 22 meters onto the Pliva river in a restricted karstic zone that closely resembles the Pliva course before retracting into a flysch and limestone contact zone. Originally 30 meters high, it is currently only 22 meters high due to flooding caused by an earthquake during the Bosnian War and attacks on a power station upstream.

The waterfall and other individual sites outside the walled city's boundaries, such as the Jajce Mithraeum, are considered to be part of the natural and architectural ensemble of Jajce and are being recommended for placement on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

You simply follow the river west from Jajce in an effort to reach this destination. The trail along the riverbank where the journey begins is immediately followed by a climb up to the road. There is barely any elevation change during the entire route. You'll travel by spots of woodland, see lesser waterfalls, and cross a magnificent wooden bridge along the way. Despite the fact that a big portion of the walk is on a road, it is a rather tranquil highway with little traffic (on the weekend at least). The pathway splits off into tunnels and forest paths in some places.

Location: Jajce, Bosnia và Herzegovina

Photo: tripadvisor
Photo: tripadvisor
Photo: tripadvisor
Photo: tripadvisor
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Ždrimački Waterfall (Crnodolski Waterfall)

Ždrimačka waterfall is a fall located above the village Ždrimci in Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje.. Some gave it the name of a nearby tiny settlement (drimci), while others gave it the name of the creek that the waterfall is located on (Crnodol).

The 4 km long macadam road that leads to the waterfall is not fit for cars in its final few hundred meters. You might have to walk a short distance to get there as a result. You shouldn't skip going there if you're daring and wish to take in unspoiled environment. The trek itself is extremely enjoyable through a dense forest.

Gornji Vakuf (Uskoplje) is close to the Ždrimački Waterfall (Crnodolski Waterfall). The best seasons to go there are either spring, when the waterfall is at its greatest and the snow is melting, or fall, when there has been a lot of rain and the water levels are high. The waterfall, despite having a small water flow, is incredibly beautiful, especially in the spring after the snow melts and in the late autumn when it is exceptionally lavish.

Location: village Ždrimci, Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje

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Martin Brod Waterfalls

Martin Brod Waterfalls are a series of rapids, situated south from the city of Bihać, near Martin Brod village. The Nacionalni Park Una contains them. The waterfalls are frequently referred to as having been named after the village of the same name. However, there is a fascinating myth behind the name's genesis. According to legend, Marta, a young girl, fell in love with a soldier.

The stream The waterfall's location, the little settlement of Martin Brod, gave rise to the name Martin Brod. To go to the village of Martin Brod from Bihac, you must travel south over the R408 road. To go to Martin Brod, take route 408 to the right and then to the Rmanj Monastery.

Here, the river Una descends almost 20 meters, forming a stunning Tufa waterfall. The 54 meter-high Martin Brod waterfall is actually a succession of rapids. The entire community is traversed by the Una River, which produces travertine cascades and waterfalls. The river Unac empties into the Una on the east side of the settlement. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Location: Martin Brod - Nacionalni park Una, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Photo: internet
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Bereški Waterfall

Bereški Waterfall is located in the East of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main town in the region, Rogatica, is 8 kilometers to the north. The waterfall, which is close to where the rivers Bereg and Rakitnica meet, is around 10 to 12 meters high.

Bereg River has built a nearly vertical cascade that terminates in a tiny lake at its confluence with Rakitnica River. A few additional, lesser waterfalls come from spring-fed Bereg River tributaries near the lake. The dry summer heat frequently causes these waterfalls to disappear. It's a stunning scene with a number of smaller cascades flowing into the river from the rocks. Locals frequently swim in the pool behind the waterfall, and on warm summer evenings, it is a trendy gathering place.

It's important to note that since this waterfall is in the open, there aren't any tickets or entrance fees to pay. Since there is very little public transit that goes to the trails close to the waterfall, it would be better if you traveled to the region in your own vehicle.

Location: into the river Rakitnica, near the village Rakitnica

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Kozice Waterfalls

Kozice Waterfalls (or Slapovi Kozice) is situated in the north of Fojnica, close to Kozica and Dragaii, in the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Many people who love the outdoors have long been drawn to it by its beauty. A 20-meter-high waterfall and three smaller ones combine to create a stunning atmosphere that is excellent for photography. Simply amazing are the lovely scenery and the sound of the water caused by the height from which it is falling.

If you were expecting to see something large and beautiful, Kozice Falls might be a little disappointing, but the journey is more important than the final destination. The preserve's pristine landscape is absolutely stunning, and the climb to the falls is a good workout. The track is clearly signposted, but because it passes through a forest, the terrain is quite difficult.

You can go to the waterfall wherever you choose, and it might be even more impressive during the winter when the area is blanketed in snow. Since the pool behind the waterfall is relatively shallow, swimming isn't really an option there.

Locaion: north of Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bliha Waterfall

The Bliha Waterfall in northwest Bosnia and Herzegovina is a genuine natural wonder. It is easily accessible via a hiking trail and is 56 meters tall and 10 meters wide. It is possible to approach very close to the waterfalls, which drop down a rock face and into a little pool below.

Although it is feasible, swimming in the natural pool is not advised. Even in the summer, the water is fairly cold, so dipping your toes should be plenty to cool you down if you're attempting to beat the heat.

Since you're primarily heading downhill, the climb to the waterfall is rather simple, but the trip back is a little more difficult. Keep that in mind if you're intending to bring a lot of goods along with you because there are numerous steps to climb and certain sections of the trail can be fairly steep.

It's also important to point out that the area has a number of additional hiking paths, one of which leads to the ruins of Kamengrad Fortress and offers breathtaking panoramic views.

Location: close to the town of Fojnica, central Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo: tripadvisor
Photo: tripadvisor

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