Top 3 Best Lakes to Visit in North Korea

  1. Top 1 Heaven Lake
  2. Top 2 Supung Lake
  3. Top 3 Lake Chon

Top 3 Best Lakes to Visit in North Korea

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Due to the country's rocky landscape, the majority of Korea's lakes are artificial reservoirs. The crater lakes atop Baekdusan and Hallasan, the Upo wetland, ... read more...

  1. On the border between China and North Korea, there lies a stunning lake called Heaven Lake that is actually a crater lake. It is located inside a caldera that was formed by a significant eruption in 969 AD on top of the volcanic Baekdu Mountain. Heaven Lake, which resembles a crescent-shaped body of water, earns the moniker "pearl of Heavenly Mountain" thanks to its source of melted snow, crystal-clear water, and great summertime location.

    Tourists can stroll along the mountain routes around the lake, and those who are more fit can hike or ride a horse up to the glacier plains where the landscape is really breathtaking. The lake is incredibly serene and lovely. Heaven Lake has a surface elevation of 7,182 feet, a diameter of 9.82 km2, a length of 4.85 km in the south-north direction, and a width of 3.35 km. The lake has a maximum depth of 1,260 feet and an average depth of 699 feet.

    It normally has ice on it from mid-October until mid-June. According to North Korean folklore, Kim Jong-il was born next to the mountain's lake. According to the Korean Central News Agency, the lake's ice cracked "so loudly, it seemed to shake the Heavens and the Earth" as he died. The Lake Tianchi Monster is also said to reside in Heaven Lake.

    Location: Ryanggang

    Photo:  Wikipedia - Heaven Lake
    Photo: Wikipedia - Heaven Lake
    Photo: Hi China - Aerial China: Heaven Lake in the Changbai

  2. An artificial reservoir called Supung Lake is located on the border between China and North Korea. It's one of the best lakes to visit in North Korea. The lake was made possible by the Supung Dam, which is close upstream from Sinuiju, North Korea, damming the Yalu River.

    During their invasion of Manchuria, the Japanese soldiers constructed the Supung Dam between 1937 and 1943. The dam and the power plant were built on Chinese and North Korean territories, respectively. It could have supplied electricity to Manchuria and all of Korea.

    Sprung Lake, a stunning natural monument, is highly significant. It is situated where North Korea and China meet. There are no naturally produced lakes on the Korean peninsula, which is a fascinating fact. A manmade reservoir for water is called Supung Lake. Here, visitors and residents alike love spending their leisure time. At lakeside beaches, guests can swim and sunbathe, go fishing, or just stroll around the gorgeous surroundings.

    Location: upstream of Sinuiju

    Photo:  Wikipedia - Supung Dam
    Photo: Wikipedia - Supung Dam
    Photo: - Supung Lake
    Photo: - Supung Lake
  3. At the summit of the revered Mount Paektu, which served as the de facto border between China and North Korea, was Lake Chon. It's also one of the best lakes to visit in North Korea. The Tuman River and the Amnok River, which together constitute the modern boundary between China and North Korea, originate from Lake Chon (in Chinese these are called the Tumen and Yalu Rivers respectively). For this reason, the province that Mt. Paektu and Lake Chon are located in is called Ryanggang Province (two rivers).

    The elevation of Lake Chon itself, or rather the lake's surface since there are seasonal changes, is 2189 meters. The lake has a surface size of 9.82 km2 and a maximum depth of 384 m. In the lengthy winter of northern Ryanggang Province from October to June, Lake Chon remains frozen for the most of the year.

    Markers at Lake Chon mark the locations where Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un stood to look out at the lake. In recent years, the region has also seen a number of high-profile visits, most notably the one in September 2018 by Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, along with their wives. indicating that all Koreans have a common history. A strong statement, undoubtedly.

    It is legal to enter the water at Lake Chon's edge. Due to the lake's sanctity, swimming in it is frowned upon (at least on the Korean side).

    Location: Ryanggang

    Photo:  Koryo Tours - Lake Chon
    Photo: Koryo Tours - Lake Chon
    Photo:  Flickr - Lake Chon from the North Korean
    Photo: Flickr - Lake Chon from the North Korean

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