Top 3 Best Lakes to Visit in Caribbean Netherlands (Netherlands)

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The Caribbean Netherlands are the three special municipalities of the Netherlands that are located in the Caribbean Sea. They consist of the islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba. This place is loved by its beautiful nature including islands, beaches, tropical forests, and lakes. In this list, we'll give you some information about some of the best lakes to visit in the Caribbean Netherlands that hopefully will help you with your trip to this country.

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Salt Lakes

Salt lakes are located in Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands. These are semi-enclosed, saltwater bodies that form near the coast and experience salinity shifts from nearly fresh water to hypersaline conditions throughout the year. These lakes are beautiful, and important for both humans and many bird species.

One of the most notable features that greet arriving visitors in Salt lakes, both by sea and by air, is a distinctive line of white salt pyramids. Each pyramid, roughly 50 feet high, contains approximately 10,000 metric tons of 99.6% pure salt. Depending on the time of the year, there can be upwards of 200,000 metric tons of salt neatly stacked in long rows awaiting shipment. These crystal white salt pyramids, next to the beautiful pink water make a unique view that one can only see in The Caribbean Netherlands.

Salt lakes are important areas for many different species of seagrass, fish, crustaceans, and coastal birds, specifically flamingos, terns, and sandpipers. This place is one of the most important breeding grounds for these birds. Many people come here every year to do research about these bird species, others come here just to enjoy watching the birds. Watching flamingos are especially the reason many tourists stop by this place when they visit The Caribbean Netherlands.

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Goto Lake

Bonaire proudly boasts five RAMSAR sites dedicated to the preservation of wetlands and waterfowl, and Goto Lake is one of these sites. Goto lake is a 35-acre saline lagoon. It once was a bay of the Caribbean before being choked off and isolated by coral. It is on the Ramsar List of international wetlands. This lake is located within Washington Slagbaai National Park and is considered one of the most picturesque spots on Bonaire.

Goto lake is home to numerous bird species. The most famous is the flamingo. This is one of the best places to see flamingos in Bonaire, and the Southern Caribbean. You can watch the birds even from the parking lot and scenic lookout over the lake. In fact, many tourists say that those 2 places are the best location for taking photos of the lake and the birds. You can watch flamingos from afar, and won't be allowed to get close and take pictures of the flamingoes close to you. Bird watchers might also spot the Caribbean parakeet and the endangered yellow-shouldered parrot. Both are unique to this island.

You can take the tour vans, follow the shoreline and take as many pictures as you want. Many tourists also love the North Shore Bicycle Excursion. This is an exhilarating bike excursion, covering approximately 2.5 hours and 12 miles, and takes in island scenery - including the Goto lake, as well as cultural highlights.

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Pekel Lake

Another place that might be perfect for bird watchers in The Caribbean Netherlands is Pekel Lake (also called "The Pekelmeer"). This lake and the flamingo reserve (800 hectares) are part of the large aquatic area in the southwest of the island of Bonaire. The Pekelmeer and the flamingo reserve have been designated as a water areas of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.

Salt is still extracted from Pekel Lake, but the whole process is done under strict conditions in order to protect the wildlife of the flamingos here, as this lake is one of the most important feeding and living areas for the flamingo in the Caribbean Netherlands. Depending on the season, between 2000 and 7000 flamingos can be found in this area. The flamingo reserve is the most important breeding site in the Southern Caribbean. The total population migrating between Bonaire and South America is estimated at 20,000 individuals. The flamingo places special demands on its environment (water quality, tranquillity) and is very sensitive to disturbance. Bonaire will continue to actively protect the flamingo, the symbol of the island.

If you love the fancy-looking flamingo and decided to visit The Caribbean Netherlands, Pekel Lake might just be the right place for you. Just remember to follow all the instructions and protect their wildlife while enjoying the view.


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