Top 3 Best Lakes To Visit in Moldova

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The lakes are the ideal summer destination for those who want a place to relax and cool off without descending to cramped beach destinations. In a beautiful region like Moldova, there is no shortage of beautiful lakes. Let's join Toplist to discover the best lakes in Moldova!

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Cuciurgan Reservoir

One of the best lakes to visit in Moldova is Cuciurgan Reservoir. It was constructed on the Kuchurhan River near the state border between Moldova and Ukraine.

The lake's water resources are shared by the two nations; it is situated on Moldova's southern border with Ukraine's Odesa Oblast on the Left Bank of the Dniester. It was built by constructing a dam across the Kuchurhan River shortly before it empties into the Dniester. The reservoir is 3 km wide at the side of the dam and 20 km long overall. A total of 27.2 square kilometers of it are covered by water. In the southern portion of the valley of the Kuchurhan river, there was already a liman before the dam's construction.

Residents of adjacent Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria, enjoy vacationing at Lake Cuciurgani. Water from the reservoir is used by the Dnestrovsc fossil fuel-burning power plant. The dam is not connected to a hydroelectric power plant. For all of the locals of adjacent Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria, Lake Cuciurgan is a particularly popular vacation spot. It is important to note that the reservoir does not have a hydroelectric power plant connected to it; instead, a fossil fuel power plant uses water directly from the reservoir.

Location: Odesa Oblast, Transnistria

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Ghidighici Reservoir

A reservoir on the Bîc River in Moldova, 12 kilometers from the country's capital Chișinău, is called the Ghidighici Reservoir, also known as the Chișinău Sea. During Moldova's Soviet era, between 1962 and 1963, the reservoir was constructed for flood control and water supply for irrigation.

Even though the reservoir considerably reduced flooding, the middle and lower Bîc still occasionally flood. But by 2020, siltation had roughly cut the reservoir's volume in half. Additionally, since the Soviet era, the dam has not been maintained and has deteriorated rapidly.

Actually, the settlement of Ghidighici, which is close to the reservoir, is the one after which it was called. Locals usually go here to relax and spend time with their families. It's a nice place to take a little stroll and take in the inviting scenery. The sand was delivered to the Ghidighici Reservoir to create a beach where every Moldovan citizen can unwind with their loved ones or friends.

Location: Ghidighici village, Chisinau

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Valea Morilor

Valea Morilor Park is located in the West of the city, in the Buiucani sector. The park was established in 1950 according to a Brezhnev initiative and is situated along the shores of Lake Valea Morilor.

Chisinau's Valea Morilor Park is a great spot to relax. The circuit path encircling the lovely lake is multi-tiered: the innermost circle along the water's edge is for strollers, the paved second circle is for joggers, bikers, rollerbladers, and you name it; beyond that, there are outer tier routes at various increments up the hillside wrapping about halfway around the lake through lush forests full of birds and large, old trees.

However, the wooden chess set, which was discreetly placed away from the lake on a hillside shaded by trees, provided the ideal backdrop for a game of wits. Some of the stray canines in Chisinau call the park home. Numerous elder dogs and a few puppies were peacefully observing the chessboard while pleasantly dozing off in the hills of the woods. Valea Morilor is one of the best lakes to visit in Moldova.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

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