Top 8 Best Tourist Destinations In Denmark

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Denmark, which is flanked by the Baltic and the North Sea and was once the home of Viking raiders, is still very much a marine nation. There is no town in the ... read more...

  1. Tivoli is a children's playground and a magical place that inspired Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney. You'll have a great time whether you come for the gardens, the music, or the rides. Tivoli Gardens, which opened in 1843, has since become a national treasure and a popular tourist destination. Hans Christian Andersen, the author of fairy tales, was a frequent visitor, as was Walt Disney, who drew inspiration for his own Disney World here. The garden was originally located outside the city's moats, but it is now positioned just across from Central Station and within walking distance of City Hall.

    The fact that there is something for everyone is part of Tivoli Gardens' secret. With diverse architecture, old buildings, and lush gardens, the scenery is breathtaking. Thousands of colored lights create a one-of-a-kind fantasy scene at night. It has oddities and charm, as well as details to find — you might see guinea fowls or peacocks running around freely in the grounds.

    Tivoli offers a wide range of culinary options. Many people will bring picnics to the garden, but you may also dine at one of Tivoli's many restaurants. Traditional Danish cuisine, French bistro fare, and gourmet burgers are all available. Figaro, a seafood cafe, as well as Gasoline Grill, a world-renowned hamburger business, and Gemyse, one of the city's top vegetarian restaurants, are all located in Tivoli.

    Location: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 Copenhagen, Denmark
    Official site:

    Highlights: Friday Rock and Summer Classic, Nimb and Nimb Hotel, Villa Vendetta, ...

    Best time to visit: Spring-Summer

  2. Nyhavn (New Harbor), which is flanked by a street of the same name, is located behind Amalienborg. During the summer, this charming area becomes a hive of activity. The canal is lined with brightly painted gabled buildings, bringing a burst of color to dreary days and inviting people to stop in for a look at the products on sale in the stores and a tasty bite to eat in the restaurants and cafés that call this place home.

    An anchor marks the end of the Nyhavn harbor as a tribute to the Danish sailors who perished during World War II. Nyhavn was originally a seedy district of Copenhagen, but now, with its magnificent atmosphere, it is a particularly lovely area of the city that appears in innumerable photographs of the city. At anchor are idyllic museum ships, including a lightship (Fyrskib) from 1885. Hydrofoil and catamaran services to Sweden are available from Nyhavn, as well as tourist tours around the harbor and along the canal.

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
    Highlights: colourful buildings
    Best time to visit: May through September
  3. Bornholm is a lovely Danish island in the Baltic Sea that is noted for its fishing and arts and crafts industries. It is situated closer to the coasts of Germany, Poland, and Sweden than Denmark, giving it a distinct charm. Bornholm is a wonderful getaway from the hustle and bustle of the larger towns, with the southern beaches being particularly popular. Tourists flock to Bornholm to visit the Almindingen forest, Denmark's third largest. The village of Svaneke, with its beautifully maintained ancient buildings and a plethora of art galleries, is another must-see. Joboland, a local amusement park, is a big hit with the kids.

    Bornholm is also known for its rich culture and tradition, with galleries, museums, and local producers all offering something unique. Visit the various stores offering local items and try the great food offered in the smokehouses and restaurants, including delicious beer from the local brewery or wine from the local winery, handcrafted chocolate, organic ice cream, and Bornholm tapas. Visitors to the many museums, galleries, and workshops that promote the work of local artists can satiate their appetite for art.

    Location: Bornholm, Denmark

    Highlights: the Almindingen forest, The village of Svaneke, The Bornholm Museum, Rønne, Gudhjem, Østerlars Round Church, ...

    Best time to visit: June 4th to September 30th
  4. Kronborg Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as the site for Shakespeare's Hamlet. As a result, it is at the top of Helsingor's list of must-see attractions. Even those with only a passing interest in Shakespeare will be compelled to pay a visit. As you approach, the enormous edifice is readily apparent, so you won't be able to miss it.

    Although other strongholds before it, the current incarnation dates from 1640. The Kronborg Castle was restored in 1924 after serving as a garrison for a century or more. The Castle Chapel, which survived a fire in 1629 and boasts a spectacular Renaissance interior with German wood sculptures, is located in the South Wing. The grand Ballroom, also known as Knights' Hall, is located in the North Wing, while the West Wing has superb tapestries.

    Exploring Kronborg Castle's eerie crypts and catacombs is a fantastic experience. Holger the Dane (Holger Danske), an imposing stone statue, is hidden deep beneath the castle. In Danish culture, Holger the Dane is a mythical person. He'll rise from his granite throne beneath Helsingr and defend Denmark if she's ever in jeopardy!

    Location: Kronborg 2 C, 3000 Helsingør

    Official site:

    Highlights: Holger Danske, The Castle Chapel, ...

    Best time to visit: June to August
  5. Den Gamle By, a living history museum in Aarhus, provides visitors with a realistic re-creation of three separate decades in Danish history. The museum is divided into three neighborhoods, each depicting life in Denmark during the mid-nineteenth century, the 1020s, and 1974. Every aspect, from the architecture and roads to the costumed interpreters' enterprises and domestic lives, demonstrates how life has changed over time and how some customs have stayed holy.

    This open-air museum in the city of Aarhus is a must-see for history buffs. The museum, which opened in 1909, contains almost 100 historical structures from all throughout Denmark. Much of the museum is designed to imitate a village as it might have appeared during Hans Christian Andersen's era. The toy museum is a hit with both adults and kids, and few can resist the allure of costumed re-enactors displaying a bygone era's way of life. During the holiday season, this attraction is very festive, with a variety of special events.

    Aside from the living history neighborhoods, Den Gamle By is home to a number of museums, including Musaeum 1927, the Danish Poster Museum, the Toy Museum, and the Gallery of Decorative Arts. Nearby, in the Hjbjerg suburb of Moesgaard, the Moesgaard Museum delves even further back in time with displays on the evolution of Danish civilizations through the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Viking Ages, as well as a medieval Denmark exhibit.

    Location: Viborgvej 2, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
    Official site:

    Highlights: Musaeum 1927, the Danish Poster Museum, Toy Museum, and the Gallery of Decorative Arts

    Best time to visit: August and September
  6. Billund is a great place for kids to visit. Nonetheless, most adults will enjoy themselves at this amusement park. With its miniature display of numerous world-famous structures and places made up of more than 50 million LEGO bricks, the miniland exhibit is particularly impressive. Guests with a sense of adventure will enjoy LEGOREDO Town, while guests with a sense of fairy tale discovery will enjoy Knights' Kingdom. Certain areas of Legoland are dedicated solely to children. Visitors who are particularly passionate may choose to book a room at the onsite hotel or vacation resort.

    The LEGO House in Billund, where the distinctive LEGO block was born, is a fun family attraction for all ages. The admission-free zones, which include nine themed playgrounds, three outdoor squares, and the Tree of Life, a 15-meter LEGO tree loaded with intricacies, will appeal to those on a budget or just passing through.

    Tourists can also purchase entry to the Experience Zones, which are divided into four categories based on the colors of the traditional bricks: red for creativity, green for role-playing, blue for cognitive problems, and yellow for emotions. Visitors can also learn everything there is to know about LEGO and its founders.

    Location: Billund, Danmark

    Highlights: The LEGO House, the Experience Zones, Legoland, LEGO House, Sculpture Park, Lalandia, Monky Tonky Land, Gyttegaard Golf Club, Egnsmuseet, Teddy Bear Art Museum, Skulpturpark Billund, Grene Kirke, Sand Gallery, Billund Kirke, ...

    Best time to visit: round - year
  7. With 5,000 miles of coastline, it's understandable that some people choose to vacation in the Skagen area so they can spend their days lounging on the beach. Skagen's shoreline is exceptionally beautiful, windswept, and forlorn. Denmark's northernmost point is the Grenen sandbar above Skagen. Many people comment on how beautiful the light is here. It is so particularly lovely, in fact, that the Skagen Painters, a 19th-century school of artists, focused all of their efforts here. The work of these artists can be shown at the local museum. The Rbjerg Mile, Denmark's largest moving sand dune, and a church completely buried in sand save for the scarcely visible steeple are both worth seeing.

    The landscape of Skagen is among Denmark's most stunning. One of the country's most beautiful scenes is made up of white sand beaches, limitless grasslands, and immense woodlands. It's a terrific place to visit if you like quiet hikes, calm walks, and beach yoga to the hustle and bustle of big cities. Sand that reaches up to 35 meters in height covers an area of nearly two square kilometers.

    Location: between the North and Baltic Sea on the Jutland peninsula, the north of Denmark

    Highlights: the “Skagen yellow”, the Skagen Museum, The Open-air Museum, Skagen Denmark, ...

    Best time to visit: November to February
  8. Hans Christian Andersen is a must-see for everyone traveling to Denmark. His fables and fairy tales are well ingrained in Danish culture. The museum, which dates from 1908, is dedicated to the writer's life and work, including exhibits of relics, keepsakes, and sketches and artwork by Andersen himself. Drawings and artwork by him are particularly interesting. A computer is included in the interactive installations, allowing you to browse through his books. You can hear his stories and poems at the listening stations.

    The museum shop contains a large selection of books about and by Hans Christian Andersen in numerous languages. Scenes from the autobiographical novel Story of My Life cover the domed hall. Hans Christian Andersen's boyhood house (Andersen's Barndomshjem) is located southwest of Odense Cathedral in Munkemllestrde (3-5), with a memorial plaque on the gable end. From 1807 to 1819, Andersen lived in this house. The structure has been converted into a branch of the main museum.

    Location: Hans Jensens Stræde 45, Bangs Boder 29, Odense, Denmark
    Official site:
    Highlights: Hans Christian Andersen’s statue, Hans Christian Andersen’s house, Bangs Boder, Munkemose Park, ...
    Best time to visit: round - year

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