Top 10 Drive-Thrus That Go Well Beyond Fast Food

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According to statistics, fast food is consumed by 83% of American families at least once every week. On average, 10% of your annual income is spent on it. Thus, it is easy to understand why other companies would decide to use the fast food industry as a model for their own operations. Even though their own firm doesn't at all suit that style. However, the development in drive-through establishments unrelated to fast food indicates that consumers choose convenience, or at the very least, the avoidance of getting out of their vehicles.

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An Illegal Pot Cookie Drive-Thru

Sebastian P. Kujawa, a chef from New York, came up with his drive-thru business model and was either smart, foolish, or perhaps both. The 23-year-old decided to use his cooking abilities because he was unemployed, and began making his own cookies. All is well thus far. But afterwards, he added marijuana to them. Which, while still debatably acceptable to the majority of people, did not meet local law enforcement's standards.

In order to wait for customers to drive up and pick up their orders, Sebastian P. Kujawa would frequently leave his Brinton Street home in North Buffalo with a fresh batch of cookies and travel through Minnesota Linear Park, an old right-of-way, to the dead end of Nicholson Street, according to Buffalo police. Neighbors observed these nocturnal transactions as a man sprung out of the underbrush carrying a box and dashed up to freshly parked cars. It was a spooky sight.

As his version of an impromptu drive-thru, Kujawa would go to a dead-end street close to his home every day and hide out in the bushes. When a car approached the bushes, the chef would emerge to take their order. After observing him do trades for a while, neighbors gave the man a dime. When police learned he had been posting ads on Craigslist, they promptly shut him down.
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Get Shucked Is an Oyster Bar with a Drive-Thru For Oyster Buckets

You have been to cellar doors. You've consumed paddock-to-plate fare. It's time to try dining from bay to bar now! The oyster farm and oyster bar at Get Shucked are connected. Take a seat in the sunshine, order a plate of your favorite oysters, and sip on some of Tasmania's best wine as you become fully immersed in the aquaculture experience.

The oyster farm's distinctive buoys can be seen bobbing in the sparkling bay across the street. In the processing building behind you, you can see the oysters being sorted, and if you go inside, you can watch some of the fastest shuckers in the South at work.

Fast food is an intriguing idea because it can only function if it adheres to specific guidelines. We eat literally all sorts of food at restaurants, but fast food establishments often specialize in a small subset of those items, including sandwiches, fried chicken, tacos, and hamburgers. There aren't many other eateries that use the quick food approach. Few drive-through restaurants serve lobster or cassoulet. Some foods are meant to be eaten while sitting down.

Get Shucked is a seafood restaurant in Australia that rejects the idea that a drive-thru has any restrictions. Just a short distance from their oysters' actual sources, you can get a bucket of oysters at their drive-thru. Apart from drinks, the establishment doesn't sell much else, so at least the staff is knowledgeable about mollusks.
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Drive-Thru Voting

What should everyone do, but not enough people really do? Vote. Therefore, the concept of drive-thru voting almost seems too logical, allowing many people to vote quickly and easily. The idea has been discussed for many years, and some of its proponents even insisted in 2008 that it ought to be implemented nationwide. Drive-thru voting is the term used to describe the process of casting a ballot in an election by dropping your completed ballot in a drop box. Driving to a polling place in person, using an electronic voting system, or casting a ballot by mail are all alternatives to drive-thru voting. The most recent voting law in Texas forbade this method of voting.

The drive-thru technique is encouraged since it is more practical than other voting options. It can also be used to extend voting hours since a box can be made available around-the-clock. In El Dorado County, California, for the 2008 election year, where more than 500 voters used the drop boxes, and in Calgary, Alberta, for the 2017 election, this method of voting was available but has not yet been widely used.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the idea was tested in cities like Calgary and on a smaller scale in Connecticut. Of all places, Texas had 24-hour drive-through voting for a brief period of time, and other localities are now debating the notion. Drive-thru voting has received a variety of criticisms, from the possibility that a passenger could coerce someone to bumper stickers in line influencing the vote. The concept hasn't yet been used widely on a large scale.
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Drive-Thru Ash Wednesday Service

Ash Wednesday, which marks the start of Lent, is customarily celebrated with a worship service that emphasizes our propensity to sin and mortality. Everyone receives a cross tattoo made from the ashes of the palms from the previous Palm Sunday, which is placed on their foreheads or hands.

One in three millennials reportedly believe church to be uninteresting. Although there have been efforts to make church more appealing to people, attendance has been declining for a while. A drive-through Ash Wednesday service is one of them.

In Wisconsin, one church began conducting drive-thru services in 2019 for folks heading to work. In just a few minutes, they may have a free coffee, a pastor's prayer, and leave with the ash mark on their skulls.

The similar concept was used by another church in Vancouver. Just as the preacher steps out and lays ash on the forehead to begin Lent, cars pull up and honk. It was regarded as a reasonable compromise since, as the minister pointed out, it is much simpler to draw people to a church on their day off than it is in the middle of the week.
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New Orleans and Houston Have Drive-Thru Daiquiri Bars

There are probably only a few activities that would be at the top of any list of things you shouldn't do while driving, and on which everyone would agree. We are all aware that texting while driving is dangerous, therefore avoid doing it. Of course, it is not a good idea to drive after drinking. In the United States, the first DUI arrest occurred in 1910, so we've been aware of this issue for a while.

Surprisingly, there are cities with drive-thru daiquiri establishments, despite the well-known dangers of drinking and driving. Drive-thru booze stores, which are commonplace, may be ridiculed, but they actually make a lot more sense. After all, closed liquor is sold in liquor stores. Furthermore, it isn't as though arriving by car, parking, and then entering a liquor store to purchase a bottle of vodka makes it more suitable than purchasing the same bottle through a drive-thru window. However, a daiquiri bar offers mixed frozen beverages.

Bars in New Orleans
are permitted to serve daiquiris as long as the drink is frozen, the cup is sealed, and the straw is taped to the side of the cup for as long as it is in the car by bending some extremely shaky legal regulations. So it's essentially an honor system. They make you a drink, and you swear not to consume it while driving.

A Johannesburg pub established the restriction that customers can only purchase four beers and must first park their cars. As long as they were made with wine or beer and not any distilled alcohols like tequila or rum, thirsty drivers in Houston may buy both daiquiris and margaritas. If the container was going into an automobile, it had to be sealed, although sealed seems to mean "had a lid."
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Drive-Thru Graduations

Many social activities had to be completely abandoned or changed to comply with the limits imposed as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Graduation ceremonies were one of those things that were adapted in many different places. Students wanted to experience the moment when they got to obtain their graduation while they were still enrolled in school. But because there were restrictions on how many people may congregate at once and how far apart they had to be from one another, some schools came up with inventive solutions.

Numerous schools have experimented with drive-through graduation. Although the procedure seemed strange, at least it provided students and their families with a chance to participate in something. Some of them showed up at different times. The graduate would exit the moving automobile as their family stood behind and watched them walk out of it slowly. The graduate walked to the school principle, stood six feet from the following graduate, picked up their diploma, posed for some photos, and then got back in the car.

Other schools
had slightly fewer formalities. The diploma would be delivered through the window as cars pulled up. The family could choose an other location to take pictures to commemorate the occasion after the automobile had left.
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Drive-Thru Brothels

You might want to get comfortable for this one if you thought a drive-through strip club was a little intense. In some parts of Europe, the drive-thru brothel has developed into a company that combines the comfort of a drive-thru with, you know, the facilities of a brothel.

These voting booths from Zurich, Switzerland, which were installed in 2013 after 52% of voters indicated they wanted them, are not a Covid innovation. They have the appearance of car wash booths where you can either pull in and ask your companion to join you in the car or get out and use the wooden benches. The safety of the city's sex workers had significantly improved, according to data collected after a few years.

The idea behind this is that pretending that sex work doesn't exist helps no one, and that it is a reality. They chose a location where it could be done legally and safely. Customers visit the area of the city where the booths are situated, and a sex worker joins them there. In Cologne, Germany, the passenger door may open while the driver's door cannot, making it simpler for the employees to flee if necessary. Both on-site social workers and an emergency call button are available.
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Drive-Thru Wedding Chapels

Drive-thru weddings are on the other end of the spectrum from drive-thru burials. These appear to be especially well-liked in tourist destinations like Las Vegas, where customers seek to complete tasks quickly and painlessly. The novelty concept was essentially invented by the city of Las Vegas, and ever since then, it has become a common wedding ceremony. In Las Vegas, there are a few options for drive-through wedding chapels. You can find a wedding package that meets your needs because each of them offers a variety of wedding packages.

In Canadian cities like Niagara Falls, you can complete the same task. They have existed for a while. The Little White Chapel in Vegas, where even Frank Sinatra once wed, introduced a drive-thru in 1991, making it arguably the most well-known of them all. Apparently, until the Church forbade it along with Disney marriages in 1996, you could even theoretically have a Catholic drive-thru wedding.
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Drive-Thru Funerals

Funeral houses, like many other companies, had to figure out how to deal with social isolation during the pandemic. Drive-thru funerals consequently become a more common way to attend funeral ceremonies all around the world. Even the Canadian province of Ontario's government has rules on how to administer them.

However, the development of a drive-through funeral home was not motivated by social exclusion. In actuality, reports of this service being provided go back more than ten years. The Robert L. Adams Mortuary in Compton, California, opened as the state's first drive-through funeral home in 2011. A drive-through would allow a greater number of people to attend a memorial service for a well-known member of the community without having to worry about parking or crowds, according to the theory. The first drive-through funeral home opened in Detroit in 1971.

In 1989, a drive-through funeral home was established in Chicago. The selling pitch in this case was that it would save professionals time and make it easier for elderly and disabled people who would otherwise have problems entering and exiting the premises.
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Drive-Thru Strip Shows

A drive-through is designed to make it simple and quick to get things. You gain time and are quickly back on your way. It lends itself to a good or service that you can use right now. You can receive food rapidly or do banking in a short period of time at a machine. The idea depends on speed. Because of this, it looked particularly perplexing when drive-through strip shows started to emerge during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Undoubtedly, since we were told to distance ourselves from others, drive-thrus made more sense than in-person transactions. But at a strip show, you sit and watch as someone else dances while taking off their clothes. By definition, it was a prolonged process. Nevertheless, a few companies gave it a shot.

In one club in Vegas, customers could pull up to the entrance, pay $100, and enjoy a 10-minute show from the comfort of their vehicle. This includes wrestling in hand sanitizer while undressed. When the governor ordered that all non-essential businesses close, they stopped operations.

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