Top 13 Most Beautiful Beaches In Denmark

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Visitors can discover the stunning sandy beaches that stretch along Denmark's east and west coasts, and spend your summer vacations diving in the North Sea ... read more...

  1. The beach at Bratten Strand, about 10 kilometers north of Frederikshavn on the east coast, feels a million miles away. This endless stretch of fine white sand and sapphire sea appears to go on forever. But it doesn't because you're in the far north of Denmark, where the two seas meet at Grenen, and you'll soon run out of land.

    During most of the year, you can walk along the dunes and enjoy the scenery in peace. In the summer, however, it attracts a large number of beachgoers, and the area has a large number of vacation homes. Even on the busiest days, the beach is large enough to absorb the crowds.

    Bratten Strand has a lot of amenities, which should come as no surprise given that it is a Blue Flag beach. This is a sure sign of a family-friendly beach, as it ensures clean bathing water.

    • Location: Frederikshavn, Nordjylland, Denmark

  2. Nymindegab Strand, located 500 meters from the same-named town on Denmark's west coast, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. This is due in part to the fact that the region contains some of the longest stretches of North Sea coast.

    Ringkbing Fjord's southernmost point is where the beach can be found. Despite its name, the "fjord" is a lovely shallow lagoon rather than the steep massive rock formations you might expect.

    Nymindegab Strand's shoreline is a mix of pristine, wind-blown white sand and grassy dune areas. It's a popular family beach with a happy, peaceful, and welcoming vibe. The water is generally cool, making it a pleasant place for families to go swimming during the long summer months. Families can stop at any of the nearby cafés or kiosks for local snack favorites.

    The beach is backed by large lyme grass-covered dunes on one side and the roaring North Sea on the other. A number of well-preserved WWII-era concrete bunkers are scattered among the dunes.

    • Locatiion: Nymindegab Strand, South Denmark, Denmark
  3. The unfathomably long sandy beach of Henne Strand is located on the west coast of Denmark's Jutland peninsula.

    Despite the fact that it is one of the most popular beaches along this stretch of the North Sea coast, it is never crowded. In fact, it is generally quiet outside of sunny days during the summer holidays, allowing you to appreciate the vast open space here.

    An extensive network of sand dunes surrounds the beach. These are peppered with wooden cabins and beach houses, but most of them are set well back from the beach, preserving the sense of wilderness.

    Henne Strand is a popular resort beach with plenty of amenities, as evidenced by the beach's Blue Flag status. This includes a summer lifeguard service, which is critical given the strong rip currents and surf that can be found here.

    • Location: Henne Beach, South Denmark, Denmark
  4. Dueodde Beach is located on the Baltic Sea's southern tip of Bornholm Island, with regular ferry services connecting it to Ystad, Sweden. The island, which is close to Denmark's easternmost point, is geographically isolated from the mainland, but it is a popular holiday destination thanks to Dueodde Beach's large expanse of fine white sand.

    Bornholm's nickname, "Sunshine Island," alludes to the island's prevailing climate, which remains warm from May to October on average. In fact, the weather is so pleasant that figs can ripen here. There are plenty of options for laying down in the sand, with the beach stretching for nearly 30 kilometers (19 miles) in total.

    As you return from the beach, you'll pass through grassy dunes and thick forest, which conceal WWII defenses. On the beach's most southerly parts, where the sands can stretch for hundreds of meters, shelter can be found among the dunes.

    While tempting, swimming should be done with caution because sandbanks cause shallow water to quickly become deep. Fyrvej and Skrokkegrdsvej are the closest car parks and toilet facilities, both of which are a short walk away and provide disabled access to the beach via a boardwalk.

    • Location: Bornholm
  5. Summer vacations are a huge part of Danish culture – literally. Since the 1930s, the Danish government has mandated vacation time, and Bellevue Strand has become one of the country's most popular beaches. That is due in no small part to the fact that it is only a short distance from the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

    The iconic striped blue watchtowers that line the way near the sea were designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. The adjacent Bellevue Theatre, which adds to the Art Deco feel, was also designed by him. Views across the shimmering sea to Sweden's coast and the resund bridge that connects the two countries are available from the beach.

    The beach itself has soft white sands, but given how busy it can get, you'll want to get there as soon as possible. Bellevue Strand is generally pretty lively and always busy in the summer, thanks to tourists and locals. With Copenhagen being so close by, you can dine at some of the city's fantastic beach-friendly restaurants.

    Bellevue Beach
    is the place to be if you're visiting Copenhagen and want to go to the beach, or if you're looking for a day at the beach followed by dinner and sightseeing in Copenhagen.

    • Location: Strandvejen 340, Klampenborg, Capital Region 2930
  6. Amager Strandpark is a beach that has two sides. A lagoon on one side of a 2 km long artificial island serves as a children's paddling pool. Large sand dunes and a promenade line the opposite side of the beach, where people can be found playing ball and picnicking. Views of a nearby windmill park and the resundsbroen Bridge, which connects Denmark and Sweden, can be seen from the beach.

    Amager beach has a lively vibe, with a variety of surfers, kayakers, and water sports enthusiasts taking to the water. Various beach sports are also popular, and skaters are frequently seen on the promenade.

    Amager Beach is one of the busiest beaches in the Copenhagen area, which is unsurprising given its proximity to the city center. Aside from the summer influx of beachgoers, Amager Beach is a popular spot for open-air weddings due to its romantic views and convenience.

    • Location: Amager Strandpark, Copenhagen
  7. The beach of Tisvildeleje is one of many within striking distance of Copenhagen. The sandy shores here are about 30 kilometers north of the city, and they run alongside the popular holiday village of Tisvilde. Fishermen have long flocked to the area, and an active fishing scene is still a part of the beach's culture today. Sit on the beach or in a nearby café and watch the little boats float by, or sit on the beach and eat the catch of the day.

    With a long stretch of golden sand backed by windswept dunes, the beach has a wonderful wild feel to it. Beyond that, the "Tisvilde Fence," Denmark's fifth-largest forest and a popular spot for cyclists and walkers, stretches out in front of you.

    While the beach becomes more wild as you travel west, there are still plenty of facilities closer to Tisvilde. In fact, the beach has received the Blue Flag award on several occasions, indicating that it is clean and family-friendly.

    The colorful old beach huts dotted around the grassy dunes next to the village are another sign of the beach's long-standing resort credentials. Owners who spend sunny weekends relaxing by their huts continue to enjoy them as much as ever.

    • Location: Amager Strandpark, Denmark
  8. Hornbk Strand is the region's largest and most popular beach, and for good reason. It's only an hour's drive from Copenhagen. For starters, Hornbk Beach is one of the softest sand beaches in the world. Its fine-grained sand is soothing between the toes as well as to bask on top of, making it an excellent place to unwind. That sand also forms some impressive dunes, which help to block the wind and give Hornbk Beach a wild feel.

    The Café Sunspot is right in the middle of the beach for those in the mood for beach food. From sausages and sandwiches to beer and wine to ice cream and local snacks, the menu is designed in a Danish style. Meanwhile, The Greasy Corner, a local food market, is located at the beach's entrance. The scenic Hornbk Harbour is to the east, with a barbecue area nearby.

    If you're looking for a beach party, come to Hornbk on Midsummer's Day, August 14, for some true "midsummer madness" in the form of music and events.

    • Location: Hornbæk, Capital Region, Denmark
  9. Agger Strand, located within the Thy National Park, is a natural wonder among Danish beaches. This stretch of the Danish west coast is both wild and beautiful, with seemingly endless stretches of wind-blown soft white sand.

    Fishing has a long history in the area, and there is still a small but active fishing community. A number of traditional fisherman's cottages have been preserved in the village, just behind the beach, and are open to visitors.

    Grassy dunes dot the landscape nearby, offering a variety of ripe berries for the picking. There are also numerous watering holes where a diverse range of birds congregate. A lovely countryside area with a large deer population is also nearby.

    The North Sea coast here is regularly battered by storms and raging seas during the winter months. However, this is a spectacular time of year to visit, and watching the mighty white waves crash against the light beige sand is particularly mesmerizing and majestic. Come early and stay late to watch the tide come in and out, transforming the soft white shoreline.

    • Location: North Jutland
  10. Stretching for ten kilometers In all of North Jutland, Lkken Strand has some of the best waves and softest sand. Because of the pristine nature of this stretch of the North Sea coast, it also has some of Denmark's cleanest water.

    Swimming is popular at Lkken beach during the summer months, and lifeguards are on duty. Furthermore, as a Blue Flag beach, you can be sure that there are plenty of amenities to make this a great family beach.

    Hundreds of white-washed beach huts line the dunes, adding to Lkken Strand's distinctive quality. These huts are so numerous that this section of the beach is sometimes referred to as "White Town," a moniker that seems all the more appropriate when the sun (or moon) shines on them.

    A number of Second World War concrete bunkers can be found on the beach as you travel north. Originally located in the dunes, erosion has slowly pushed them closer to the sea. On windier days, they can act as a windbreak or shelter, even if they aren't the most attractive addition to the beach.

    Lkken Strand
    is a true delight for families, history buffs, and seafood lovers alike.

    • Location: North Jutland
  11. The wide open windswept expanse of Lakolk Strand is just across the border from Germany on the small barrier island of Rm. Often battered by the North Sea's wind and waves, this beach is both a place to feel at one with nature and a great family beach in the summer.

    It borders a UNESCO nature preserve, so if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in some of Northern Europe's most beautiful cathartic and restful areas, this is the place to go.

    The fact that this area combines natural beauty with a modern beach scene is part of what makes it unique. Modern campsites, as well as a few cafés and restaurants, can be found throughout the area.

    At Lakolk Strand, you'll have plenty of room to run around, play beach sports, and ride horses, which are available for rent from May to October. Kites abound on Lakolk Strand, especially during the first weekend of September, when one of Europe's largest kite festivals takes place in the Rm area.

    • Location: South Jutland
  12. Top 12


    Grenen is one of Denmark's most unusual locations, situated on a narrow peninsula at the country's very northernmost point. The name "The Branch" refers to a long spit of land that is only about a kilometer wide. Because of its unique location, it is one of the best beaches for catching the crashing waves that are so typical of Danish west coast beaches. The Skagerrak (part of the North Sea) and Kattegat seas meet here, with waves from both crashing into one another and splattering fresh sea foam on the beach and beachgoers alike.

    The beach itself is made up of a mix of old gravel and newly deposited sand, resulting in a prominent "tip" that juts out further into the sea.This process is still in progress, and the spit has grown by one kilometer in the last century. Climb to the top of Det Gr Fyr, which stands 44 meters tall, for the best views of the beach (Skagen Grey lighthouse).

    Springtime birds abound in the lagoons behind the beach, but they're far from the only residents. Grenen is, without a doubt, one of the best beaches in Denmark for getting a taste of the country's coastal wildlife. Seals are a common sight on the beach, sunbathing alongside the visitors. The vegetation around the beach is also quite attractive, with lush dunes and sprinklings of vegetation.

    If you're looking for some culture, take a break from the waves and visit the home of Holger Drachmann, one of Denmark's greatest poets and painters. His grave is nearby, and his house is now a museum dedicated to his work.

    • Location: North Jutland
  13. Eriks Hale's island beach is situated on a narrow spit of land that juts out into the Baltic Sea. As a result, a beach with two very different coasts is created. The Baltic Sea crashes against the sand on one side, while the sheltered lagoon of "Lille Hav" and the marina beyond are on the other. The calm waters here are perfect for a swim.

    You won't find much in the way of amenities here, and that's exactly how it should be. You leave modern life behind when you visit Eriks Hale and return to nature and a simpler, more traditional way of life. Rentable miniature beach houses are perfect examples of this type of thing.The lovely rentable miniature beach houses, each brightly painted and offering a spectacular view across the bay, are perfect examples of that kind of rustic seaside simplicity.

    Erik Hale
    is concerned with preserving the history and beauty of the Danish coast.

    • Location: Funen

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