Top 7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Singapore

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Singapore's beaches are well-known for one thing: being man-made! While there are some genuine stretches of white sand, the most beautiful beaches in Singapore ... read more...

  1. Siloso Beach is a clean, sandy cove on Sentosa Island, just 30 minutes from the city's hustle and bustle. During the day, the beach is popular with families, but at night, it transforms into a party scene. It's one of the best places in Singapore to unwind and enjoy the scenery.

    Siloso Beach, like other parts of Singapore, is not a natural landmark. The beach's sand is imported from Australia and kept immaculately clean. It was built to provide a nice coastal stretch for locals and visitors to relax on. Siloso has more amenities than Palawan Beach, which is close by.

    Many of Sentosa's top attractions are within walking distance of Siloso Beach, making it a very convenient recreational destination. Nearby attractions include iFly Skydiving, Wings of Time audio-visual show, Madame Tussauds wax museum, and Sentosa 4D Adventureland.

    On Siloso Beach, there are numerous restaurants to choose from, the majority of which specialize in regional cuisines. Ola Beach Club has an elegant vibe, with dining options on the sand or in an air-conditioned dining room. There are some stalls selling snacks on sticks, such as sausages and deep-fried wontons, for visitors on a budget.

    • Location: 51 Imbiah Walk Sentosa Singapore 099538

  2. Because of its slightly more secluded location on Sentosa's south coast, this is arguably Singapore's best beach for relaxing during the day. This crescent-shaped hideaway features shallow warm waters, fine white sand, and tropical palm trees – everything you need for a perfect beach and to make you forget it's not actually natural.

    Tanjong Beach is also known for its nighttime parties, which are held at the popular Tanjong Beach Club about twice a month. With its swimming pool, sun loungers, and extensive drink menu, this bar offers a more relaxed atmosphere during the day.

    Tanjong Beach is a favorite among visitors who appreciate its peace and quiet. With the sun, a favorite book, and a gentle breeze to keep you company, you can while away the hours here. The twinkling lights of nearby ships provide a magical backdrop to this beautiful stretch of beach at night, making it even more romantic.

    Pets must be kept on a leash and under proper control at all times for the safety of all visitors. However, pets are not allowed on board the cable car, express trains, buses, beach trams and Sentosa Boardwalk.

    • Location: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk Sentosa Island Singapore 098942
  3. Changi Beach Park is one of Singapore's oldest coastal parks. In the 1960s, when life was simpler, it was a very popular beach. Because of its distance from the city, it retains a kampong atmosphere and is thus less crowded. It has white sand beaches dotted with coconut palms, as well as BBQ pits, park benches, and shelters. During the weekends, these facilities attract a large number of families who come together for swimming, picnics, and barbeques.

    You don't want to go to Sentosa but still want a taste of the white stuff? Then your best bet is to go to Changi Beach on Singapore's east coast. This 28-hectare area is more leisure park than tropical paradise, with a long, narrow strip of sand on the outside and well-preserved running and cycling lanes on the inside.

    The coastal park is popular with fitness enthusiasts, weekend families, plane spotters (you can watch planes land at Changi Airport), and there are also camping and barbeque facilities.

    • Location: Nicoll Drive Singapore 498991
  4. Palawan Beach, one of Singapore's most well-known beaches, is known for its Pirates of the Caribbean-style suspension bridge that connects to a small island that you can walk or even swim across.

    Palawan Beach, located in the heart of Sentosa's southern tip, features fine white sand, palm trees, and a few lively beach bars to keep you refreshed from mid-morning to late-night. You can either walk to the beach or take the shuttle bus around the island once you arrive on Sentosa.

    You can take the beach tram from Beach Station to Palawan Beach for some good old-fashioned family fun. Cross the rope bridge to the islet that is the "Southernmost Point of Continental Asia" for a thrilling adventure. Climb to the top of the watchtower for a bird's eye view of the beachfront and to watch passing ships. Swimming and water sports are also ideal in the calm, turquoise lagoons. Don't miss sliding up and down the island's newest water-themed attraction, Hydrodash, if you're looking for some wet 'n' wild fun.

    • Location: Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island Singapore 099981
    Source: leungchopan/shutterstock
    Source: leungchopan/shutterstock
  5. Punggol Point Park, located in the north of Singapore, is home to Punggol Beach, a beach that is even less well-known. Despite its remote location, this coastal park is well connected by Punggol MRT Station, with a shuttle bus connecting it to the modern development at Singapore's northern tip.

    There's also a deserted beach, as well as a jetty, walking trails, and ponds (just follow the signposts in the park). The sand is fine and soft, but there is a large cluster of boulders in the middle that you cannot miss. A great place to get away from the crowds and enjoy some nice sunset views across to Malaysia.

    Its soft pale sands have a tropical vibe, backed by lush foliage and bisected by a raised stepped promenade. Punggol Beach is known for its large rounded boulders, which make it a popular photo location.

    There’s also a small wooden jetty for those who want to try their luck catching barramundi and other local fish species.

    A children's playground and public restrooms are available. Punggol Point is home to a number of well-known seafood restaurants, as well as a number of other attractions.

    • Location: Sentul Crescent Road Singapore 822313
  6. Take a ferry from the World Trade Centre to St John's Island, one of Singapore's most popular outer-lying islands (approximately S$15) (other than Sentosa, of course). There are a few good swimming beaches, as well as changing rooms, restrooms, picnic areas, and shops. You can also rent a bungalow on the island for a night and enjoy the peace and quiet after the tourists have gone home.

    If you're considering island hopping, here's another option. It is easily accessible via ferry cruises as one of Singapore's southern islands, and it is a popular fishing destination. Visit for its tranquil beaches, which are less crowded than those on the main island. Furthermore, there will be plenty of greenery to satisfy the nature-loving soul in you.

    • Location: St John’s Island, Singapore
  7. Lazarus Island, which is connected to St. John's Island by a large concrete walkway, is often referred to as Singapore's most beautiful beach. Most tourists and day-trippers, on the other hand, don't bother with it because, once they arrive on St John's Island by ferry, they usually settle in for the day and don't want to go exploring. Once you see the long stretch of unspoiled white sand, palm trees, and tropical jungle that makes up the majority of this tiny island, the short walk across to Lazarus will seem well worth it.

    Lazarus Island is definitely for those who like to hop from island to island. Or anyone looking for a quick escape from the main island, as it's only a short ferry ride away. The white sand beaches here will make you feel as if you've been transported to a tropical paradise; we think it's ideal for romantic dates.

    • Location: Lazarus Island, Singapore

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