Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Turkey

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There are many attractions in Turkey, but it is no secret that the hundreds of beaches that stretch along its 7000-kilometer coastline are among the most ... read more...

  1. The bohemian village of Kabak, located about 25 kilometers from the resort town of Lüdeniz, is popular with travellers, yogis, and nature lovers. The rocky slope heading down to Kabak Beach will take you another 30 minutes on foot. This half-moon bay, surrounded by pine forests and mountains, is only accessible by foot, but the tranquil and peaceful beach at the bottom is well worth the effort (and the views from the top aren't bad either).

    You'll largely be in the company of locals and backpackers traveling along the Lycian Way on the pebbles and white beaches of Kabak Beach. There aren't many attractions, water sports, or beach chairs to rent. The atmosphere is unmistakably laid-back, and visitors come here mostly to enjoy the natural beauty and uninterrupted stillness while on a villa holiday in Turkey. There are some covered sections where you may get some relief from the sun while sipping a juice or a beer at one of the beach bars. Aside from that, you'll be alone with the Mediterranean and a few friendly loggerhead turtles.

    Location: Fethiye

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    Photo: Pinterest
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  2. One of the county's most beautiful beaches can be found in the center of a bustling metropolis like Antalya, which isn't the first place you'd expect to find it.

    Mermerli Beach is a little city beach tucked away near to the historic harbor, within a stone's throw from the city center. Mermeli can only be reached on foot because Antalya is a pedestrian-only zone, but there's nothing like a moment of resting, sunbathing, and swimming after a long morning spent strolling around town.

    To get to the beach, pay a nominal fee at Mermerli Restaurant's entrance and down a wooden stairway from there. A sun lounger and parasol are included in the ticket, and drinks, ice creams, and food can be delivered right to your seat from the restaurant. The modest natural beach of brown sand and stones has been extended by a stone plateau and wooden terraces, however keep in mind that space is limited. However, there is enough of space in the water, and the sea is clear, offering stunning views of the opposite coast.

    Location: Antalya

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  3. The lüdeniz Blue Lagoon is undoubtedly Turkey's most well-known beach, and for good reason. Few sites on the planet can rival its natural beauty, so visitors flock to the vivid blue waters for a few hours of relaxation by the sea.

    With the Babadag mountains in the background, this large bay is located where the Aegean and Mediterranean oceans meet, inside a protected natural park. Although the sands are coarse, most people prefer to relax in the shallows of the waters, which are warm and ideal for children to play safely.

    The Blue Lagoon was a relatively unknown jewel until the early 1980s, only known to hippies and travelers. It is now well-developed, with bars, restaurants, and a wide range of activities. Paragliding from the neighboring mountains is one of the most popular sports for taking in the scenery from above. You might also hire a paddleboard for your adventures if you prefer to stay at sea level. In any case, you'll quickly realize why the Blue Lagoon is one of Europe's most photographed beaches and a must-see during your luxury villa vacation in Turkey.

    Location: Ölüdeniz

    Photo:  easyJet
    Photo: easyJet
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  4. Cirali Beach's calm setting is difficult to realize is only an hour's drive from Antalya. It's tucked away in the heart of the Taurus Mountains and feels like it's in the middle of nowhere.

    This unspoiled shingle beach is a must-see for history historians and nature lovers alike. The majestic remains of Olympos may be found on one end of the beach, while the eternal flames of Chimaera can be found on the other. The endangered loggerhead turtles return to nest in a WWF-protected conservation area on the sandy stretch between these two landmark spots.

    Visitors will enjoy the crystal-clear waters as well as having plenty of room to themselves. Cirali isn't the easiest location to find unless you already know where it is, but that means it's rarely crowded. Because it is a protected area, development is limited. There are no loud beach bars or water activities (with the exception of sea kayaks) - just a few eateries, sun loungers, and a picnic area.

    Location: Cirali

    Photo:  World Beach Guide
    Photo: World Beach Guide
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  5. Kaputas Beach, located just off the coastal road between Kas and Kalkan, is a strong contender for the title of 'Most Beautiful Beach in Turkey.'

    At the mouth of Kaputas Canyon, the magnificent beach is nestled between two forested cliffs. To get there, you'll have to down a 187-step staircase, but don't forget to take in the view from above and join the many others who have captured it on video.

    After you've descended, relax on a sunbed above the pale pebbled sands and go swimming or snorkeling in the crystal-clear turquoise seas. If you're traveling with kids, you may relax and let them play in the shallows while enjoying the modern amenities that have recently been added to Kaputas Beach. Despite its popularity with both locals and tourists, you won't find too many people here during your luxury villa vacation in Turkey. There are usually just enough tourists to keep the beach cafés open (including our favourite Turkish pancake shack).

    Location: Kas

    Photo:  Antalya Tourist Information
    Photo: Antalya Tourist Information
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  6. The beautiful sands of Icmeler Beach are nestled in the same-named resort town, which is only 8 kilometers from Marmaris. What was once a modest fishing village is now one of Turkey's most popular coastal vacation spots for both families and groups of people.

    For a beach bordered by pine forests and flanked by the Taurus Mountains, Iclemer has a surprisingly Caribbean atmosphere. It's possibly because of the 6km stretch of sand that never feels crowded and is cleaned every night so it's spotless when you arrive in the morning.

    You'll find it all here, including dozens of pubs and restaurants, whether you're looking for excitement or utter relaxation. The beach is tranquil, with small waves, making it ideal for sunbathing and extended swims. If you prefer water sports, everything from parasailing to jet skiing and scuba diving is available. There are also some excellent hiking paths in the adjacent hills, which provide some lovely views of the beach from above.

    Location: Marmaris

    Photo:  World Beach Guide
    Photo: World Beach Guide
    Photo: Gubernskiy
  7. Patara Beach takes its name from the ancient Lycian city of Patara, which is located nearby. You must travel through the ruins (and pay a small admission fee) to get to the beach, but the ruins of old temples, alleyways, and arches provide the perfect backdrop for this scenic length of coastline and the dazzling Mediterranean Sea.

    Patara is Turkey's longest beach, stretching for 18 kilometers, and with little development, you'll be able to pick a wonderful area to enjoy it in peace. The waters here are warm and shallow, suitable for youngsters and great for snorkeling during your villa holiday in Turkey. They are perfect for long walks in the sand, sunbathing, and swimming.

    A national park protects this unspoiled wonderland of limestone peaks and undulating white dunes. The surrounding birdlife is abundant, and the beach is a protected loggerhead turtle nesting area. As a result, the beach has little to no development, with the exception of a tiny community-run café where you may rent parasols and other beach equipment. Patara is closed to humans after sunset, leaving the turtles full reign over the sand.

    Location: Gelemiş

    Photo:  BeachSearcher
    Photo: BeachSearcher
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  8. Cleopatra Beach, Turkey's most famous tourist destination, is located in the heart of Alanya's city center, at the foothills of the city's famed medieval stronghold, Alanya Castle.

    This 2.5-kilometer stretch of fine sand was named after Queen Cleopatra, who is claimed to have fallen in love with the lovely bay while on a Mediterranean cruise. You'll understand why once you see the deep blue waters for yourself.

    This immaculately clean beach is bordered by a lovely boardwalk and all the stores, cafés, and restaurants you'll need to spend an entire day on the beach. With over two million tourists every year (not to mention the daily boat cruises), there are certain amenities to match, and families can rest easy knowing that childcare is available. Cleopatra Beach's waters are warm and inviting for swimming. Water sports, such as surfing and paragliding, are always a nice alternative when there are some pretty large waves.

    Location: Alanya

    Photo:  Daily Sabah
    Photo: Daily Sabah
    Video: Gezen Adam
  9. Butterfly Vallet, also known as Kelebekler Vadisi, is a hippy haven in Fethiye that attracts campers and travelers who appreciate reconnecting with nature and reveling in the welcoming ambiance. It's a location where people come to live simply, and the residents work hard to keep this culture alive.

    Even if you don't want to spend the night in a tent or eat community meals at the campground, Butterfly Valley is worth visiting. Anyone who wishes to see this beach's breathtaking natural beauty should do so.

    Butterfly Valley is a bit off the main path, accessible by boat from Lüdeniz or an extremely steep hike better left to experienced climbers. It's a postcard-perfect cove with blue ocean, white and white sand, with the Babadag Mountains in the background. During your villa vacation in Turkey, there are several wonderful hiking trails to choose from, some of which lead to hidden waterfalls in the hills. The valley was called after the region's native butterflies, which number in the hundreds, but are now scared of noise and difficult to identify.

    Location: Ölüdeniz

    Photo:  Wikipedia
    Photo: Wikipedia
    Video: Davud Akhundzada
  10. Ztuzu Beach is a remarkable expanse of sand that stretches 4.5 kilometers from end to end, with the freshwater River Delta on one side and the salty Mediterranean Sea on the other.

    This beach has very little building, which helps to preserve its natural beauty and essential turtle habitats. Iztuzu Beach is known as Turtle Beach because it is one of Turkey's most important loggerhead turtle nesting areas. As a result, throughout the summer, it is only open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., leaving the nights to four-legged guests.

    Iztutu is known for its silky golden sands and steep surroundings covered in pine trees. The sea is great for swimming and surfing, and there's plenty of space on the sand for seclusion. There aren't many tourists at this beach, but there are a few cafés that will keep you occupied with tea and pancakes. You may also take a short boat ride across the river mouth to a little shady beach on the other side if you want to see more of the area.

    Location: Dalyan

    Photo:  Travel Gezilmesi Gereken Yerler
    Photo: Travel Gezilmesi Gereken Yerler
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