Top 10 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Argentina

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Argentina offers a wide variety of topography. The nation is well known for its stunning mountainous north, but it also features distinctive oceanfront cities ... read more...

  1. Mar del Plata is a sizable city with nearly everything to offer everyone. You can go to the beach, swim in the water, run along the coast, and go hiking if you're a nature lover. Additionally, there are several activities held all year long, including concerts, theatrical productions, and outdoor performances.

    Many locals enjoy spending their summertime evenings at pubs, restaurants, and clubs and their summertime days at the beach. In reality, many breweries have just debuted, thus popular places like Bruder Beer Garden, La Paloma Brewing Company, Cervecera Antares, and Gluck Cervecera now offer a variety of craft beers. Some people favor visiting casinos, bingo parlors, and movie theaters.

    A variety of regional, national, and international events are held in Mar del Plata once a year. The only Latin American film festival to receive a "Category A" designation from the FIAPF is the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, which typically takes place in November. In July, there is a World Food Fair when immigrants and their offspring sell their native cuisine at booths put up in Mar del Plata's central business district. The fair honors various cultures and customs from nations including, but not limited to, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Italy, Armenia, Greece, and Spain.

    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  2. Argentina's Buenos Aires Province includes the beach resort city of Villa Gesell. With the goal of converting a dune area into a timber plantation, it was established in 1931. The annexation of the surrounding cities of Mar de las Pampas, Las Gaviotas, and Mar Azul was made possible by the city's expansion.

    During World War II, there was a major influx of European immigrants into the city, and they created the first hotels and themed eateries. The majority of Spaniards managed the shops and hotels, whereas the majority of Italians worked as construction workers. In the 1960s, urban growth increased even further because buyers of land who constructed homes in six months or less received a refund of half the land's original cost.

    A coastal community in the province of Buenos Aires is called Villa Gesell. It is well known for its sand dunes and for housing Querand Lighthouse, the second-largest lighthouse on the province's coast. In addition to other attractions including a golf course, a zoo, and a specialty crafts market, the city provides adventure tourism in the neighboring forest. Visit El Viejo Hobbit when you are in Villa Gesell and sample their beers and fondue. For those who enjoy the nightlife, visit the neighborhood bars all summer long.

    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  3. Argentina's province of Chubut contains the city of Puerto Madryn. Whale watching and taking in the scenery of Pennsula Valdés are its principal draws. Magellanic penguins can be seen in Punta Tombo in Puerto Madryn, where they also live. For those who enjoy the outdoors, this seaside city also offers the opportunity to go sea lion snorkeling. For foodies, lunch at Nautico Bistro de Mar is a must. It's a charming beachside restaurant with hearty portions and a wide menu that includes octopus and calamari.

    The Golfo Nuevo, which is created by the Pennsula Valdés and the Punta Ninfas, provides protection for Puerto Madryn. It serves as a major hub for tourists traveling to the seaside and the natural features of the Pennsula Valdés.

    A brand-new mall in the heart of the city has substantially increased tourism and improved Puerto Madryn's appeal to both domestic and foreign visitors to Patagonia. As a result of its ongoing connection to Welsh culture since the Welsh colonization in Argentina, it is twinned with Nefyn, a small town on the Lln Peninsula in North Wales. Two soccer teams call Puerto Madryn home: Club Social y Atlético Guillermo Brown, who competes in Nacional B, and Deportivo Madryn, which competes in Torneo Argentino B at the moment.

    Deportivo Puerto Madryn
    is a basketball team that competes in the Liga Nacional de Básquetbol (LNB). The Deportivo Puerto Madryn Arena is their home field. 10 kilometers (6 miles) northwest of the city center is where you'll find El Tehuelche Airport. There are scheduled flights from Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, and other Argentine cities. Due to environmental concerns, flights into Puerto Madryn are limited, hence the majority of tourists arrive at Trelew Airport.

    Location: Chubut, Argentina
  4. In the province of Buenos Aires, in the county of Villa Gesell, is the seaside community of Mar de las Pampas. Aside from the stunning beaches, the markets and restaurants are the main draws. The best picadas may be found in Mujica Almacén Criollo, a traditional location. Visitors claim that this location in Mar de las Pampas is the ideal place to eat an Argentinian cuisine. Horseback riding, hiking, water sports, and sandboarding are among the available activities.

    Mar de las Pampas, often known as "the city without haste," is a region on the Atlantic Coast that is made up of over a million tree-filled woods and expansive sandy beaches where visitors may easily blend in with nature. Only the sound of the sea or the wind whipping the pine trees, acacias, eucaliptus trees, or cypress trees created by men may be heard in this enchanting place, which is located only 8 kilometers from Villa Gesell in the Buenos Aires Province.

    The charming chalés, cottages, and low apartment buildings that make up the small urban grid known as Mar de las Pampas blend with the surroundings, and due to the unusual qualities, one might assume that the city will expand soon.

    Temperate weather prevails in Mar de las Pampas, where summertime highs of 33°C are common. 22oC is the yearly average temperature. Temperatures in the winter range from 2 to 17 degrees Celsius, and there is more wind.

    Visitors can engage in a variety of activities, including sandboarding, horseback riding, cycling, hiking, and sulky excursions. Swimming, windsurfing, and kitesurfing are popular water sports for feeling revitalized.

    Mar de las Pampas
    is synonymous with leisure, making it the best choice for people looking to disconnect from major cities and enjoy peace and quiet in close proximity to the natural world. It is a location in the world where "praising slowness" has ceased to be impractical for both the locals and tourists, and where "life without haste" is no longer unattainable.

    Location:Buenos Aires, Argentina
  5. San Clemente del Tuy is situated in the province of Buenos Aires. It provides a wide range of distinctive experiences. Parque Municipal Vivero Cosme Argerich is the place to go if you enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, visitors can unwind in the Termas Marinas hot spas or discover more about whales and dolphins at Mundo Marino.

    The northernmost of the seven seaside towns in the Partido de la Costa area, San Clemente del Tuy, now has 27 hotels (of which 14 are three or four-star establishments). Along with other parks and attractions, the aquarium, adventure park, and hot springs are supported by two natural sciences museums, fishing boat trips, and the 129-meter (400-foot)-long pier.

    In 1997, Punta Rasa, which is at the northernmost point of the city and the coast, became a natural reserve. The black corvine feast, which has been hosted yearly in December since 1966, is the focal point of the activity surrounding fishing boat cruises. The area's enormous dunes also provided the backdrop for the annual Enduro competition, which has been held here each February since 1998. Seasonally, a small but devoted group of visitors also comes.

    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  6. Buenos Aires Province's Atlantic Ocean coastline is home to the Argentine beach vacation city of Pinamar. About 45,000 people live there (2020). It is little under 400 kilometers (249 miles) south of Buenos Aires and is one of many small seaside settlements that along the coastline. Pinamar is a rather peaceful village in the winter because the ocean is its main draw. During the summer, tourism drives the economy. Right next to Pinamar are a number of smaller beach communities. The cities of Ostende, Valeria del Mar, and eventually Cariló may be found as you go south.

    stands out from the majority of other Argentine beach towns for two reasons: it is a planned community with strict building regulations and it was intentionally transformed from a sand dunes wilderness into a forest (primarily made of pine trees, which explains the "pina" in the town's name).

    According to city planning, which was established by the city's first architect, Orge Bunge, and has been upheld by elected officials ever since, a city consists primarily of dwellings with open gardens for gardens. Pine trees were first planted in Cariló, a town close to Villa Gesell, and were then replicated in Pinamar, albeit the city design for Villa Gesell was not as meticulously laid out or maintained over time.

    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  7. On the Atlantic coast of Argentina, San Bernardo is a beach community. Although the views are stunning, the beaches are frequently crowded. Take advantage of a recommended asado restaurant, such as El Gran Choripán or El Quincho, after spending the day at the beach. Then start your evening in the city's most well-liked clubs, like Eterno and San Bernardo Chico.

    The developer and the community's residents both contributed to the growth of the initially largely self-sufficient town. Residents pooled their funds and founded regional telephone and power cooperatives. San Bernardo, which is closely related to Mar de Ajó, developed gradually as a tourist destination, and one of the area's five piers was constructed across its shores. Juan Burghi, an Argentine poet originally from Uruguay, was one of the town's first visitors, and in 1957 he wrote a poem called San Bernardo in honor of it.

    Numerous bars, bingo halls, discothèques, and theaters were built when the La Costa District was founded in 1978, particularly along Costanera and San Bernardo Avenues and Chiozza Street, which was made into a pedestrian promenade for the summer's peak tourist season (January 1 – March 10). The Observatorio de la Costa, the only observatory in the area, is one of the most well-known attractions there.

    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  8. Chubut, Argentina is home to Puerto Pirámides. From June through December, when the right whale visits its shore for breeding, whale watching is practiced here. In this region, visitors frequently see orcas in addition to whales. Additionally, guanacos, foxes, elephant seals, and penguins can be seen by visitors in their natural environments. Puerto Pirámides offers a large range of dining establishments and drinking establishments in addition to lodging options such hotels, lodges, flats, and rental homes.

    Puerto Pirmides is a town in the Chubut Province's Viedma Department that is located in Argentina. At the time of the 2001 Census, 429 people called it home. On the Valdes Peninsula, it is the lone settlement. When salt was extracted from the inland salinas, it all started in 1898.

    The Punta Pirámide reserve was created in 1974 and is one of six nature reserves along the Penninsula Valdés. Puerto Pirámides, the sole town on the Pennsula Valdés, rose to prominence as one of the world's top locations for whale watching; the municipality contains six hotels, 15 lodges, and two campgrounds.

    Location: Chubut, Argentina
  9. In the province of Chubut, the beach town of Camarones has a population of about 2,000 people. It holds the National Salmon Fishing Festival in February, which began in 1981. At Roma, Jael y Lemuel, and El Buen Amanecer Bakeries, be sure to purchase some pastries. The unmistakable blue of its coastlines, the mountains, and its tidy, spacious streets make Camarones the best-kept secret on the entire Patagonian coast. Camarones is a seaside town situated in an amazing topography. It has a distinct sense of tranquillity due to its isolation from urban areas and its breathtaking sea vistas.

    Camarones serves as the entry point to the Southern Patagonia Marine-Coastal Interjurisdictional Park, which is home to the Cabo Dos Bahas Protected Natural Area, a little-explored reserve with an unusually diverse fauna. You can witness sea lions, cormorants, guanacos, rheas, gray foxes, and many other species in addition to a colony of Magellanic penguins.

    Camarones offers fishermen the opportunity to set out in quest of salmon farms. Additionally, every February there is a three-day event called the National Salmon Festival that attracts fishermen from all around the nation. The festival concludes with the Chupn del Pescador, a renowned feast, in addition to the competitions and the selection of the queen.

    Location: Chubut, Argentina
  10. A little city called Miramar, 450 km (280 mi) south of Buenos Aires, is situated in the province of Buenos Aires, close to Mar del Plata. In addition to its forest, it is widely known for its beaches. People frequently go to the Enegetic forest to refuel their energy. Additionally well-known for their traditional cuisine are its restaurants. Don Avelino and Asador Criollo La Villa are the asados restaurants that are most well regarded.

    The biggest boost to Miramar's economy comes during the summer travel season. Farming and agrobusiness are other economic pursuits; the majority of them are centered on the nearby village of Comandante Nicanor Otamendi. Tourists can hire a tent or a beach umbrella at any of the resorts situated near the water.

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    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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