Top 8 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Chile

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Chile is a country with a startlingly diverse landscape, ranging from the snow-capped Andes and enormous glaciers to a wave-licked shoreline and bleak desert. Chile is a long, thin sliver that runs across the Pacific Ocean. There are numerous urban centers scattered among these bizarre geographic extremes, each more alluring than the last. These urban centers range from lively places teeming with activity to laid-back beach resorts for bohemian living. Here is the list of Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Chile.

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Viña del Mar

For its part, Via del Mar is referred to as the Garden City due to the abundance of parks and other natural places there. Chileans see it as the best city in the nation to live and work in, and it is only a short distance from Valparaiso. Playa Reaca, the Salinas, and Concon are a few of the region's alluring resorts. Due to its popularity among tourists, it is able to host numerous retail malls, restaurants, and pubs as well as large international hotel chains.

Santiaguinos have traveled in droves to Via's beaches to escape the summer heat since the 1800s. The beach and adjacent boardwalk provide a variety of attractions if you don't mind the crowds (or the tall condominiums): tanning on a length of sand, a coastal artesana (handmade crafts) market, and smaller stands with refreshments and ice cream.

Along the beaches, vendors sell dulces and cuchuflis. You can watch sand sculptors transform small grains into creatures like octopi, buffaloes, and even Simpsons characters. The easiest way to travel is by bus from Santiago because the roads can be crowded. After an hour and a half of travel from the University of Santiago station, you arrive at Via, which is close to the beach.

Location: near Valparaiso
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La Caleta (Pan de Azucar National Park)

In the Atacama Desert, there is a beachfront national park called Pan de Azucar. Though it's too little to qualify as a town, it's too picturesque to be left off this list. You may stay at Piqueros under a cabana with a view of the beach to the west and the arid grandeur of the Atacama for 3,500 pesos per night if you bring your tent.

Or, for even less money, stay at one of the busier, more raucous campsites like Piqueros Norte or La Caleta. The "town" of La Caleta in Pan de Azucar has two eateries and a mini-market where you may fill up on necessities. After you've got your fill of beach fun, take a boat tour to the island where 5,000 penguins have made their home for 5,000 pesos (about $9).

The boat approaches them enough to view endless rows of them, the young birds still plump with feathers, and the couples standing next to each other in the shade. For a breathtaking perspective of the desert plain sprawling out against the ocean, you may also trek up to the mirador.

Location: Antofagasta Region-Atacama Region
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Isla Negra

Pablo Neruda's favorite beach house is located on Isla Negra. The well-known Chilean poet identified as a "cosista," or someone who amasses "things." Glass paperweights, masks from all over the world, vibrant dishes—anything that attracted his eye—can be found throughout his retreat.

Outside, you can stroll the beach and take in the view that provided the inspiration for many of Neruda's poetry. The main highway is five minutes away from where the bus from Santiago leaves you off, and there are restaurants nearby serving top-notch seafood like corvina and congrio.

If you love poetry, do as Pablo Neruda did and fall in love with beautiful seaside village, where the relentless pounding of the waves on the rocks serves as a constant source of inspiration for many artists.
Visit the unusual home the poet created by the sea as a treat for yourself.

Explore Neruda's imaginative playfulness through the intriguing items he gathered over the course of his life. Figureheads, maps of the world, boxes filled with weird insects, and masks of all shapes and origins are just a few of the artifacts that give the house, which is now a museum, a wonderful aura. It's time to explore the elegantly rustic Arts & Crafts Fair, which showcases the finest works produced by regional artists, many of whom are motivated by the persistent ghost of Neruda.

Location: El Quisco commune in central Chile
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The huge waves and wide-open sand of Algarrobo, which lies south of Valparaiso and Via del Mar, offer a tranquil escape from the people, especially the further you stray from the center. Within a safe harbor that gives the ocean the appearance of a lake, visitors can rent kayaks, go swimming in calm seas, and ride on rafts.

It is a well-liked summer vacation destination for Santiago's populace and is situated on the nation's central coast. It is a posh neighborhood close to Valparaiso and El Quisco. The largest outdoor pool in the world may be found in the San Alfonso del Mar resort, which is north of the city.

A pleasant alternative to the typically crowded Chilean beaches is to stroll for miles on the beach near the exclusive condominium complex San Alfonso del Mar and lie out in relative seclusion. While you're there, check out the resort, which holds the record for the largest swimming pool in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Location: San Antonio Province, Valparaíso Region
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Cachagua, located in the Valparaíso Region and belongs to the province of Petorca, commune of Zapallar, is a little village with a two-mile beach that is 100 miles northwest of Santiago. Cachagua is the ideal location if you want to unwind and take in the sun and the waves.

Take a boat to the nearby rocky island Monumento Isla Cachagua to see the Humboldt penguins who nest there from September to April if the water is too chilly for you to enjoy (and it probably will be, thanks to the Humboldt current coming from Antarctica). Surfing and horseback riding are also quite well-liked pastimes.

Because there has been little human interference and the ecology is healthy, many different animals use the region for feeding, resting, and reproduction. They also include yecos, pelicans, seagulls, and chungungos. The most significant species of the genus Echinopsis (quisco) and Neoporteria subgibbosa (quisquito), on the other hand, are designated as vulnerable, and the vegetation has been diminished.

Location: Valparaíso
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Zapallar is a stunningly beautiful seaside town in central Chile that can be reached in under two hours from Santiago by road, making it the perfect destination for a day trip or overnight stay. The small resort town is usually deserted the rest of the year, but is quite busy in the months of January and February. There are several panoramic vistas, hiking trails, fantastic seaside eateries, and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean crashing against various rocky outcrops along its breathtaking coastline, which is reminiscent of Big Sur in California.

Zapallar, a remote tiny village five miles north of Cachagua, is a favorite vacation spot for Santiago's wealthy residents. Avoid being put off by Zapallar's populace and take in the breathtaking seaside trail's unparalleled ocean views. The beach is ideal for individuals seeking peace and quiet because it is typically peaceful; yet, the water is still rather chilly.

The people of Zapallari are dedicated to protecting the natural beauty of their favorite small region of the planet. There are no roads along the full perimeter of the bay, only two parking areas. Instead, there is the "rambla," a walkway where anybody may stroll and take in the breathtaking views of the sea, cliffs, and sky while being serenaded by the sound of crashing waves and soaring seagulls rather than by passing cars. The entire trail is lined with benches so you can stop and take in the splendor for a bit.

Location: Petorca, Valparaíso
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Valpo, as the inhabitants fondly refer to it, is a place of particulars. Every nook and cranny has something unique and distinct to offer, such as a clothing flea market, a huge mural, a purple mansion, a rustic restaurant with unimpeded ocean views, and a coffee shop that only serves black coffee and won't sell Nescafe (instant coffee is ubiquitous in Chile).

A city must be walked in this one. Take the ascensor that can be reached from Esmeralda Street, then explore Cerro Concepcion, where Café Concepcion on Papudo is located. The restaurant, as well as the hill in general, have a magnificent view over the bay. Get delicious Mil Hojas ice cream at Vitamin on Avenida Pedro Montt #1746, close to the main square.

Many thousands of people go from all over the world to Valparaiso to take in the city's maze of cobblestone streets and vibrant architecture. The port of Valparaso is still a significant hub for distribution of fruit, copper, and container traffic. During the summer in South America, cruise ships pay Valparaso an increasing amount of attention. The most notable change is that Valparaso has evolved into a significant educational hub with four sizable traditional universities and numerous sizable vocational colleges. The town is renowned for its bohemian culture, which includes annual festivals, street performers, and musicians.

Location: Valparaíso
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La Serena

La Serena is located 470 kilometers north of Santiago along the seashore. The population of the larger La Serena area, which includes La Serena, which is the second-oldest city in Chile, has increased by 100% in the past 20 years. La Serena is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chile due to its coastal position and renown beaches.

La Serena
has recently grown to be such a popular tourist destination that during the busy high season summer months, its population practically doubles. Once more, there are many options to buy properties in this area that can be used as hotels or other types of short-term rental properties.

Simply put, La Serena is a beach town. Its residents are laid-back, and its wide sidewalks and grid design make for easy navigation. Shop for apparel, jewelry, musical instruments, clothing, and a wide variety of foods at Mercado La Recova. A jar of homemade manjar, a sweet cream prepared from condensed milk that is well-known in Chile, should definitely be bought.

Location: Elqui

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