Top 12 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Sweden

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Sweden is a country of contrasts: arctic cold meets Atlantic humidity, creating a landscape of unsurpassed beauty: stunning waterfalls, forests, and, of ... read more...

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    During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this town was among the first coastal towns to emerge in Europe. Its archipelago-like setting has created a highly desirable tourist combination that includes nature, the sea, economic activity, and a significant gastronomy concentration.

    In comparison to other towns north of the Alps, Strömstad is known to get the most summer sunlight days. Numerous daily ferries travel to and from Sandefjord, Norway, and stop in Strömstad. Additionally, it is the location of a domestic ferry service to Sweden's westernmost populated islands, the Koster Islands, a nature preserve.

    For those who love nature, Strömstad is adjacent to the island of Saltö, which is home to one of the world's most breathtaking nature reserves. The stunning island of Furholmen is also in the area. In addition to the municipal museum, you can visit the Blomsholm megalithic complex if you're searching for a more cultural itinerary.

    Location: Strömstad, Västra Götaland County, Sweden

    Best time to visit: June, July, August and September

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    Smögen Island

    Smögen, one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Sweden, has rocky coastlines, and colorful fishing cottages, and is home to some of the best open-top shrimp sandwiches in the nation. Smögen is a wonderful day trip from Gothenburg or a great place to halt on a route through West Sweden. The island itself is not very large, but if you organize your trip correctly, you may spend a lot of time at Smögen in a single day.

    The entire island of Smögen is made up of a collection of colorful fishing settlements that defy popular perceptions about the Swedish people. There are several islets in the area's waterways, and smoked fish and shellfish are its most prized delicacies. There are a number of homes that welcome visitors to come and see how the process of smoking seafood is done. Smögen has focused on summer travel lately. In fact, it ranks among the top travel destinations in the country. The surroundings are serene—almost like an arcade. The dwellings' colors merge perfectly with those of the fishing boats anchored at the harbor, like in a decent fishing community.

    Location: Smögen, Sweden

    Best time to visit: between June and August
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    Are you in love with the sea? You can then find the ideal location in Stangehuvud. In this location, it appears as though the sea has taken on a magical quality, creating a natural rock surface right on the shoreline that gives you a view of the ocean's horizon.

    The red granite cliffs, which were rounded and created by the ice sheet during the last ice age, are Stangehuvud's most notable feature. There are many glacial striations in the area. About 230 different species of vascular plants were discovered among the mainly arid rocks during the faunal inventory in 1972. The Armeria Maritima, often known as Sea-Thrift, is one of Stngehuvud's most frequently encountered flowers. Between May and the start of June, the flower begins to bloom and emerges from cliff fissures. It is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Sweden.

    Location: Lysekil Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden

    Best time to visit: April
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    A popular summertime destination for Swedes is Skanor's beach. White sand and crystalline waters make up its stunning beaches. The little bathing houses among the white sand dunes of the Skanör shoreline are colorfully painted. The sand is white and exceedingly fine, so bring your towel and lie on the sand on a hot summer day to swim. With a smooth undulating sandy bottom, the water is perfectly clear and pure. Its nickname, the Swedish Riviera, is not accidental. A lot of attractions in the region, like kiteboarding, complement the sun and beach agenda.

    You can also just take a stroll through the village if they'd rather be in peace. The route of love or Karleksstigen can be traveled by the most romantic. The vibrant bungalows on the seaside are the ones that get the most photos in Skanor. The village is situated within the Flommen Nature Reserve and is on the Falsterbo Peninsula.

    Location: Vellinge Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden

    Best time to visit: from late June to late August
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    The southern Swedish region of Scania, or Skane, contains the little but endearing city of Ystad. It is located on Scania's south coast and boasts excellent beaches to the west and east of the town. Its harbor serves as the hub for connectivity by ship, train, and bus. It features a brand-new marina and serves as a fantastic launching point for exploring the region and Skane.

    In addition to having several other museums and attractions, Ystad also holds a variety of festivals. It is well-known worldwide as the location for numerous Henning Mankell books that feature the fictitious Ystad police inspector Kurt Wallander. Regular Wallander tours in various languages are offered, and the central square even hosts free film screenings (Stortorget).

    Ystad has made an independent appearance on the European literary highways map. The small town actually lived in peace with its history—a gorgeous castle that is worth visiting—or its vibrant houses prior to this literary rebirth. Many artists have been drawn to it by its natural surroundings, which include hills, long beaches, fruit trees, and the sound of the sea.

    Location: Ystad, Skåne county, Sweden

    Best time to visit: between May and August
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    In the province of Bohuslän on Sweden's west coast lies a place called Hunnebostrand. It is well-known for its historic stone quarries and hummingbird fishing. This was formerly a little fishing community that has grown to be a well-liked summer vacation spot. Tourists, some of whom resemble lobsters after a sunny day, have gradually taken the place of the historically prevalent lobster fishers in this area. Keep in mind that there are just about 2000 people living in this small town.

    There aren't many things to do near Hunnebostrand that don't include the sea. The sea, together with the cliffs and the steady breeze, is what most tourists come to see. Hunnebostrand's marina is arguably its most well-known feature. People visiting by car may find the numerous boats and ships to be interesting as well. There is often a nearby restaurant or ice cream parlor near a port like this.

    The Realm of the Granite, as it is known locally, includes Hunnebostrand. For a long time, there were various stone quarries developed in this area. Stenhuggarimuseet, a museum about stone cutting, has been established in one of these quarries. There is a longer hike available on the Soteleden route, which passes near Hunnebostrand. The nine stages collectively cover about 95 kilometers. Two of these stages either begin or end at Hunnebostrand. Stage 3 from Bovallstrand is around 13 kilometers long, while Stage 4 is approximately 6 kilometers long to Sotekanalen (Sote Canal).

    Location: Sotenäs Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden

    Best time to visit: June, July and August
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    Sweden features some of the most breathtaking fjords, along with Finland and Norway. This is the situation with Gullmarn, where Fiskebackskil, one of Sweden's most picturesque seaside towns, is located. The town, which has a history of fishing and seafaring, has seen a significant shift towards tourism.

    This pearl of the coast, which has been transformed into one of Sweden's most well-liked summer tourist attractions, yet has its roots in fishing in the culture and way of life of the people who live there. You may take advantage of the nearby hiking trails or unwind by renting one of the local fishermen's boats.

    The ideal location to replenish your energy and equilibrium is Fiskebäckskil. The steamboat landing stage is next to the Gullmarstrand Hotell & Konferens. It provides you with tranquility and solitude in a pleasant beach resort. Lyckans Slip, a marina upstream and close by, is regarded as one of the greatest on the west coast.

    As you walk around Kaptensgatan and explore the numerous attractive pathways and steps, you'll soon learn about many facets of Fiskebäckskil's past. Based on the lucrative herring trade, this fishing port was established in the sixteenth century, and it eventually developed into one of Sweden's best seaside towns. At the end of the nineteenth century, when freight shipping on sailing ships slowed and stalled, Fiskebäckskil developed into a well-liked beach destination with a thriving high society. The village is now renowned as a lovely summer getaway with a tranquil archipelago vibe.

    Location: Skaftö, Sweden

    Best time to visit: June, July and August
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    The village of Lysekil, once regarded as one of the reference places for thermal tourism in Sweden, is located in the same fjord, either surrounding it or traversing it. It contains some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the entire Scandinavian region, including its structures, its hilltop cathedral, and its aquarium.

    In Lysekil, there are many breathtaking locations to explore and a wealth of historical history to learn about. Take a boat to a little fishing village, go on a challenging granite walk, or explore life beneath the sea. Lysekil is a year-round city. Here, you may shop year-round and find open businesses. Additionally, it is ideal for combining a shopping trip with a meal or a cup of coffee. Kungsgatan and Kungstorget, located in the middle of the city, make up the majority of the city's commercial district. Everything from bookstores and art to apparel and jewelry may be found here. A movie theater and the Lysekils city library are both located at Kungsgatan. Additionally, there are a number of shops along Drottninggatan, which connects Södra and Norra Hamnen, and in Södra Hamnen.

    There are numerous eateries and cafes in this region. They are also available all year long. The city's proximity to the ocean is reflected in both the surroundings and the menu. Due to his obsession with fish, Lysekil is the ideal place to combine cuisine and shopping. Additionally, there is usually something available in restaurants as well as the quaint cafes and patisseries for people who do not desire fish.

    Location: Lysekil Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden

    Best time to visit: from late June to mid August
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    On Sweden's southwest coast, Grundsund is the only town that is worth visiting. Its geographical location-half on a continent, partly on an island - makes it an ideal spot for vacationing with significant other or young children. Although it is a little town, there is a lot going on there. In this small coastal village, everything seems to move at a different pace. The buildings are strewn among the rocks and are all different colors, and the sailboats make a calming sound. It is worthwhile to schedule a day to explore a different way of life if you are on the Swedish coast.

    In the center of Bohuslän, between Orust and Lysekil, is the tiny gem of Grundsund, which is located on Skaftö's westernmost tip. You can't go any closer to the ocean than this when traveling to Grundsund from Uddevalla; it takes around 45 minutes. There are charming piers and boathouses from various eras along the canal. When commercial fishing boats dock, you can get fresh fish, shrimp, and crabs directly from the boats.

    Both the neighboring church and the bridge leading to sö provide stunning views of the harbor canal. By the eastern quay, a new seafront promenade has been built. It is a long pier that leads to Skäddhlan and continues on to link with a walkway that leads to Vigerna.

    Location: Lysekil Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden

    Best time to visit: n/a
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    Mollosund is a small town and old fishing community on the island of Orust's southwestern tip. This is one of Sweden's oldest fishing communities, despite the fact that tourism has supplanted fishing as the main source of income for its 200 residents. Walking around the marina or eating ice cream or lunch near the water are some of the activities available here.

    The marina, with its numerous restaurants and cafés, is the beating heart of Mollosund. This location is particularly appealing to those looking for serenity and a new way of life. Stroll along the pier leisurely and calmly while the residents scramble out to sea for some of the specialties that have positioned it on the Swedish and European gastronomic map. With its pathways and steep rocks and high cliffs, the environment attracts hundreds of people eager to go trekking while enjoying one of the best views of the Swedish coast. There are swimming places where you can take a dip for the brave.

    Location: Orust Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden

    Best time to visit: June, July and August
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    Hudiksvall is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Sweden. It is a charming and pleasant settlement from the 16th century. It is the largest town in Hälsingland, yet its consistent layout and central canal keep it charming. You can wander along the water's edge and take in the maintained and lovely architecture.

    Visitors can explore the stores and restaurants of the Gallerian Guldsmeden, which overlooks the waterway in the town center, and also the nearby department stores before heading south to the Jakobs Kyrka, which is claimed to be the town's oldest structure. The church's beautiful bell tower, built in the 17th century, rises high above the surrounding streets. The Hälsingland Museum's interior walls are lined with a variety of photos and textiles. Its constantly changing shows frequently feature interactive displays and topical photo essays.

    Visitors can approach Hudiksvalls Harbor and choose their favorite sailing vessel among the rows of sailing vessels. Take note of how mild the winters are for such a far north region. The town is located on Sweden's eastern coast and is part of Gävleborg County. You may rent a car in Stockholm and travel 185 kilometers north to arrive here in about 3 hours. You can also take the train to the Hudiksvall railway station in the town's south and stop at some of the towns along the way, including Gavle, Soderhamn, and Uppsala.

    Location: Hudiksvall Municipality, in Hälsingland, Gävleborg County, Sweden

    Best time to visit: June, July and August
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    Tylosand is a small town on Sweden's inland coast known for its spectacular 7-kilometer-long white sand beach. It is now a popular getaway for the upper classes of Sweden. The Tylon nature reserve, a one-of-a-kind enclave accessible by ferry, is located nearby. Tylosand is well-known both in Sweden and beyond its boundaries. There are several causes for this: Four kilometers of beautiful beach, exciting After Beach bars, a world-class golf course, one-of-a-kind restaurants, and breathtaking scenery.

    The four-kilometer-long beach is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term Tylosand. It has repeatedly been rated Sweden's best beach. Bathing is guaranteed to be fantastic here. The sun loungers are close together on hot summer days. It has a beautiful Mediterranean vibe to it. If you want a more tranquil setting, travel a few metres north towards the Nyrebacken River estuary or choose one of the stunning sand dunes. All you need is a cool bag, sunscreen, and a ball.

    Location: Halmstad Municipality, Halland County, Sweden

    Best time to visit: June, July and August

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