Top 9 Reasons to Visit Brunei

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Brunei is a very small Southeast Asian country situated on the island of Borneo. There isn't much buzz about the country in the travel community, and many people believe there isn't much to do there, which is why it is almost always skipped. However, many people are unaware that Brunei has beautiful beaches and coastlines, majestic structures, and delicious food, making it a worthwhile stopover. While it is not on most travelers' must-see lists, it is one destination you might enjoy. The following are some of the reasons to visit Brunei Darussalam.

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Relaxed atmosphere

If you enjoy busy, frenetic, noisy, and chaotic travel destinations such as Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, Brunei is not for you because you will not find any of that in the country. Brunei has a laid-back and unhurried atmosphere. There is no rush to and from work, as one would expect to see in cosmopolitan cities. There will be no squeezing or competing for seats on buses or other modes of public transportation. In Brunei, a fast-paced lifestyle is simply not the norm. This can be seen as one of the Reason to Visit Brunei.

Brunei is able to provide for its citizens because it is such a wealthy country. As a result, the population is calm, content, and even happen. They should be, because their country's welfare system is so good that they don't pay taxes and have access to free education, free healthcare, free cooking gas, housing and food subsidies, subsidized gasoline and commodities, and an appealing pension scheme. If that doesn't make the locals happy, nothing will. If you're sick of your job and your daily problems, you should look up where is Brunei and fly with Brunei Airlines. You will be able to relax because of the relaxed atmosphere. You will not encounter people rushing to work, fighting for seats on buses and other public transportation.

Because of the country's comprehensive welfare system, there are no homeless people or beggars in Brunei. You could spend an entire vacation there and never see a child or a beggar asking for spare change.
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Rich culture

Your cultural experience will be more authentic because you will be able to explore Brunei at your leisure. Because the economy does not rely on tourism, the attractions exist to preserve culture and tradition. There are no massive integrated tourist traps attempting to attract and milk foreign visitors' money. You can immerse yourself in the country's traditional culture by observing locals, dining at a local restaurant, and visiting mosques and museums at your leisure. Long trips to the state's inner and distant villages are not necessary to gain a broader understanding of Brunei's culture, which distinguishes the country from other Asian countries.

It's no secret that the Sultan of Brunei is a wealthy man who lives a lavish lifestyle. However, this also represents significant investment in the country. As a result, many of the attractions and museums are free (as of the time of writing in 2018). Water taxis to and from Kampong Ayer are usually B$1 ($0.66).
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A refreshing lack of tourists

It is obvious and undeniable that most people are tired of crowded tourist attractions. Brunei may not have the allure of other more popular Asian travel destinations, but one thing is certain: it is not touristy. The country is one of the least visited in the world. This can, however, be appealing to those who prefer peace and want to enjoy a slow and wonderful moment of experience.

You can walk around Bandar Seri Begawan and visit attractions without literally colliding with other tourists. Many people may see this as a disadvantage, but it also means that there will be no opportunistic individuals, such as taxi drivers or tour operators, preying on unsuspecting tourists. In addition, the attractions will be less crowded, and no one will ruin your best shots of a mosque or the Sultan's palace with perfectly timed photobombs. You have complete freedom to take excellent photographs.
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Clean, peaceful, and safe.

Obviously, you have a primary concern during your trip: Is it safe to travel to Brunei? Feel assured! Brunei is a very peaceful and safe place to visit, making it an ideal destination for female solo travelers. The number of criminal cases is small. As a result, you can continue exploring the city even at night. Furthermore, you will not be disturbed by inebriated or disorderly individuals. The reason for this is that everyone is prohibited from consuming alcohol. So, tourists who are planning a trip to this location and are concerned about whether it is safe to travel to Brunei can do so freely and confidently.

It is also very clean
because the government is committed to maintaining cleanliness and providing excellent welfare services to its citizens. Southeast Asia has an all-too-common litter problem. Brunei is distinct. The Sultan and his government make significant efforts to keep the country clean and litter-free. You will not see (or smell) garbage as you walk through the streets. Aside from the inevitable film of gunge at the Brunei River's edge from Kampong Ayer, Bandar Seri Begawan is in immaculate condition. It can be considered as one of the Reason to Visit Brunei.
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A string of natural attractions

Brunei has a variety of natural attractions, the most popular of which are the Muara beaches and the Ulu Temburong National Park. This national park was the country's first natural park. You'll most likely come across the park's famous Canopy Walkway, a 60-meter-high suspended bridge with breathtaking views of the verdant Bornean rainforest. Meanwhile, beachgoers will find paradise in Muara, a tranquil town known for its long stretch of pristine white sands. Muara Beach, located in Muara, is well-known for its mile-long stretch of white sand and family-friendly amenities.

The proboscis monkey
is another popular attraction in Brunei. Proboscis monkeys are large-nosed monkeys found only in Borneo. These monkeys can be seen if you join a river cruise that travels the length of the Brunei River.

Brunei has two seasons: dry season (January-May) and rainy season (June-October) (Oct-Dec). The dry season is obviously the best time to visit. Although it gets extremely hot and humid during these two months, the shoulder season (June-July) offers lower prices and fewer visitors.
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If you enjoy shopping, you should go to Brunei. Because Brunei's nightlife is limited, you may be wondering what to do in Brunei. You can, however, have a good time in various shopping malls. Because Brunei has little to no nightlife, shopping is arguably the country's favorite pastime. Markets, malls, and shopping centers will make shopping more convenient for you. According to tourist websites, you should not miss the shopping scene in Gadong, which is located 5 kilometers from Brunei's capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. 'The Mall,' an eight-story shopping and entertainment complex, is also worth a look.

After the trip, you should buy gifts for friends and family. Brunei souvenirs range from fabrics, embroidered handkerchiefs, embroidered baskets with rich patterns, to small icons of grand mosques printed on souvenir items, or handmade handicrafts made from wood, stone, jewelry... or even specialties such as durian. Those souvenirs are all very beautiful, bold Brunei, and it also gives meaning to your arrival in this beautiful country.
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Delicious cuisine

Another reason to visit Brunei is its cuisine. While it is not known as a foodie haven, it does have a tantalizing cuisine that combines Indonesian, Chinese, Singaporean, Malaysian, and Indian influences. In the restaurants of Brunei's capital, you can try Malay-style fried rice and noodles mixed with Indonesian spicy Rendang. A significant advantage is that you will have no trouble finding halal or non-halal dining rooms. Assam pedas, rending, nasi katok, chicken laksa meehoon, kolo mee, roti, ayam penyet, and nasi goring are some of the delectable dishes available. There's also ambugat, a traditional local dish. This sago palm-based food is distinctive.

Fish and rice are staple foods
, as is common in the region, though beef is expensive and thus less common. Because of the Islamic religion's dominance, the food is halal and pork is avoided. Brunei prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Brunei has a developing food scene, so finding good halal or non-halal restaurants and eateries will be easy. Brunei combines the best of all regional cuisines, making it simple to find Bornean delicacies, fiery Indonesian cuisine, and local snacks.
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The tropical rainforests of Brunei are among the world's oldest. These lush, green rainforests, which make up more than 70% of the nation and have been kept out of human grasp for as long as they have existed, make Brunei a secret haven for nature lovers worldwide. Discover your first green adventure in Brunei. From picnics in the park and jungle treks to longboat trips into the heart of our pristine rainforests, there are countless options to take a walk on the wild side.

Ulu Temburong National Park
is the pearl of Brunei's green landscapes, without a doubt. If you haven't made a stop in this well-known national park at least once, you haven't really been to Brunei. This is a region that is home to Borneo's longhouse inhabitants and their old culture, as well as a diverse range of lowland and mountain forests that are home to numerous rare species. From watching gibbons forage along the river at dawn to listening to the peaceful, calming sounds of the rainforest at dusk, there are numerous moments to savor here. This up-close interaction with nature is guaranteed to stick with you long even after you've reunited with civilisation.

Another well-liked site for those seeking to connect with their untamed side is Selirong Island. As you travel through a virgin forest that is abundant with trees as tall as 40 meters, you will see a variety of unusual and exotic wildlife. This area is also a mangrove paradise and a bird-watching retreat. It's preferable to leave for Selirong at the crack of dawn in order to see the island's elusive inhabitants, who are only 30 minutes by boat from the city.
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The sprawling Kampong Ayer

Kampong Ayer is a part of Brunei's national heritage and goes by numerous names and monikers. Around 13,000 people live in the floating hamlet in Bandar Seri Begawan, which spans the Brunei River. Modern conveniences like power, WiFi, and cable TV are available in Kampong Ayer. Many locals use vehicles to get to work and leave them overnight in a neighboring parking lot by the lake. Locals still prefer using water taxis for transportation, and they value the sense of belonging that comes with living in the same neighborhood over the water as the original Bruneians do.

Tourists can stay in a homestay or, as an alternative, can take a self-guided walking tour of Kampong Ayer starting at the Kampong Ayer Cultural & Tourism Gallery. For just BND0.50, passengers can board a water taxi at the city's waterfront and travel one minute to the Gallery, where they can pick up a tour map at the front desk. You can either request a tour to the surrounding mangrove forests to see Brunei's riverbank species, such as proboscis monkeys, monitor lizards, and crocodiles, or you can simply hail a water taxi from the same dock to return to the waterfront! One of the most popular reasons for traveling to Brunei is to get lost in the labyrinth and take pictures of this traditional way of life.

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