Top 7 Reasons to Visit Cuba

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Since the restoration of diplomatic ties with the US in 2015, travel to Cuba has rapidly increased in popularity. It surely doesn't lack for attractions either, being the largest island in the Caribbean. Once visited, it's impossible to forget, with its charming structures from the colonial era, unbeatable rum, and revolutionary past. Let's look at the list of the reasons to visit Cuba.

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Best hikes in Cuba

Many people are unaware that hiking in Cuba is terrific. Viales is perhaps one of Cuba's most famous hiking destinations, with its breathtaking panorama of rugged mountainous outcrops surrounded by flatlands of low bushes. This is Cuba's westernmost province, where most visitors explore the tobacco crops and enjoy the rural atmosphere. You should catch your breath at the peak as you watch the sunrise and then sip fresh pineapple juice or a warm coffee cup served by friendly locals.

When visiting Cuba, don't forget to visit El Nicho. These are more like hikes than actual trails, but they are nonetheless worth visiting since the scenery is breathtaking. A short hiking track allows you to appreciate the caverns, get up and personal with all of the natural pools, and go bird-watching. The difficult trip takes two to three days and begins in Alto de Naranjo, near La Plata, and ends in Las Cuevas, on the Caribbean coast. For the duration of the hike, you must hire a guide. The first two days are spent walking on the trail to Pico Turquino and sleeping in the huts of Pico Joachn and Pico Cuba.
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A museum of old cars

Cuba is a moving automobile museum. There are old-school American brand vehicles around. From Oldsmobile to Chevrolet, Buick to Ford, and a wonderful selection of Chrysler's former Plymouth brand, all in a variety of colors. There are also a few Russian Volgas and vintage Jaguars, Austins, Hillmans, and MGs in Havana. Certainly, the bulk of American automobile enthusiasts would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on any of these vehicles. And Cubans drive them on a daily basis.

When you visit in Cuba, you can hire elegantly restored cars with a driver who acts as a tour guide to take you on city and site tours. However, you can generally haggle them down to half of the initial asking amount if you negotiate the pricing. In addition, you may snap photographs, ride various models, and chat with the drivers to learn about all the techniques they've devised over the years to keep the cars running in the absence of genuine replacement parts.
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Great weather all year around

Cuba has one of the world's mildest climates because of its proximity to the Ecuador circle. There are two different seasons in Cuba, with the dry season running from November to April and the wet season spanning from May to October. This country has a warm, subtropical climate, making it an excellent vacation destination at practically any time of year. There is plenty of sunshine, with Cuba receiving eight hours of sunlight each day on average and around 300 bright days per year.

However, despite being known as the west season, rains tend to fall in short spurts, typically clearing up fast to expose the bright sky. The only thing to bear in mind is that certain activities, such as birding or diving, are seasonal owing to bird and marine life migration, as well as visibility in the case of diving. So, before you book anything, make sure that the season is appropriate for you to completely experience whatever you want to do in Cuba.
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Delicious food

Cuba offers some of the greatest food in the world, thanks to its unique combination of African, Spanish, and Caribbean influences. Cuban food reflects the island's rich and varied past. The Spanish colonial influences are clear, although the food isn't precisely what you'd get in Madrid. Cuba's varied population produced tastes of their own on an island delivering ultra-fresh seafood and luscious fruits straight from the vine.

Variations of the traditional meal may be found all across Latin America, including the Philippines. There are differences in each place. Picadillo is a must-try when visiting Cuba. Ground beef, capers, green olives, and raisins are used in the Cuban dish. It is sometimes served alone over rice, or as a filling for tacos and pastries. Lechon Asado is another meal you should try. This roasted suckling pig is a particular event in which the meat is buried in the ground and covered with banana leaves. This is a delicious delicacy that is sometimes served with a few minced herbs or a dash of lime.
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Friendly and kind-hearted locals

Cubans are really friendly people. Many of them will welcome you with a kind smile. They will converse with almost anyone and appear to spend the majority of their days with others. People sitting outside their homes, talking to neighbors, may be seen walking along the street in Cuba. If you ask a native why they love Cuba, they will tell you about its friendly culture, stunning scenery, and welcoming environment. They are proud of their heritage and optimistic about the future.

Cubans adore visitors and value their visits and contributions to the tourism sector. People will frequently greet you with a "hello," and many will ask where you are from in their finest English. Locals will usually volunteer to interpret, give you directions, or even provide recommendations for places to visit. They are also quite honest—most locals are not trying to rob, steal, or cheat you. If you leave your camera or passport in a cab or a restaurant, you will almost certainly get it back.
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Cuban Cigars

Cuba has a long tradition of producing excellent cigars. When tobacco was found in the 15th century, this country launched the global tobacco trend, and it has intrigued people ever since. The factories are all still standing and available to the public. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every cigar enthusiast. The best aspect is that you can visit the farms and witness the entire cigar-making process. You may also get world-famous Cuban cigars directly from companies that have been producing them for decades.

Premium Cuban cigars are available in every city throughout this wonderful country. These cigars are regarded as the greatest in the world since they are meticulously manufactured and the tobacco mixes are kept secret. Cigars are the finest way to experience the tobacco culture of this wonderful country. You may also try putting the tip of your cigar in locally produced Cuban honey. Make careful to get your cigars from reputable vendors. Some folks offer "high-quality" cigars that are really loaded with cigarette tobacco - disgusting!
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Architectural Buildings

With influences ranging from French neoclassical and Art Deco to Spanish Moorish and colonial baroque, Cuba's architecture never fails to captivate its visitors. In 1982, UNESCO declared La Habana Vieja, or "Old Havana," as a World Heritage Site. It is the historic heart of the capital city. From walls to churches, the historic town is steeped in colonial and revolutionary history The verdant Valle de Los Ingenios World Heritage Site features various antiques and structures from the 19th century. The crumbling colonial monuments have their own kind of beauty, which contributes to the city's allure.

When coming to Cuba, you must visit Trinidad. The city center's beautifully renovated buildings and cobblestone streets convey a charming colonial vibe. Much of the building stems from the 17th to 19th centuries when Trinidad thrived on the sugar and slave trades. The cobblestone Plaza Mayor, the city's major plaza, has a bustling vibe. The neoclassical Church of the Holy Trinity rises above the square. Driving or horseback riding through the beautiful scenery of green sugar cane fields, palm trees, and mountains is one of the best things to do in Trinidad, Cuba.

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