Top 7 Reasons to Visit Liberia

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You will always remember the unique countries better than the others you have visited. It might be Liberia, a place where people are straightforward, sober, and welcoming to individuals of other ethnicities. Liberia is a tiny, tropical nation located on Africa's west coast. Liberia is the place to be if you're seeking for a place to have fun and connect with nature. Here are 10 excellent reasons to visit Liberia.

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Delicious cuisine

Food is the main factor in travel to Liberia. You will adore Liberia if you enjoy eating rice. Whether consumed commercially or traditionally, rice is a mainstay in Liberian cuisine. It can be consumed "dry," with stew or soup poured over it, cooked into the traditional jollof rice, or pounded into a flour to produce country breh. The natives of Liberia consume rice nonstop along with other delectable foods. Additionally, it is a great option for non-vegetarians because of how well-known seafood like fish, crabs, etc. is there. Your mind will tell you to try every food that you see.

Cassava, bananas, citrus fruits, sweet or ordinary plantains, coconut, okra, and sweet potatoes
are common ingredients in Liberia. Fufu is frequently served with hearty stews that have been seasoned with habanero and scotch bonnet peppers. Toborghee, bitterleaf, cassava leaf, and palaver sauce are some well-known stews that are also referred to as "soups." In Liberia, bushmeat is popular and regarded as a delicacy.

While certain common beers and alcoholic beverages are produced, imported, and consumed in Liberia, the traditional palm wine derived from fermenting palm tree sap is preferred. Palm wine can be consumed straight up, substituted for yeast in baked goods, or soured palm wine can be used as vinegar.
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Easy and Understandable Language

The lingua franca, or common language, that aids in bridging the gaps between individuals living in Liberia of different linguistic backgrounds is English, which is the official language of the nation. The dialect of English used in Liberia is known as liberian english. The language is spoken in many different dialects throughout the nation, including Kru Pidgin English, Liberian Kreyol, Merico, and Caribbean English. The standard version of Liberian English is the most formal. Mande, Kru, Mel, and the divergent language Gola are the four language families that can be used to classify the native tongues.

One incentive to visit Liberia is also because the language is easier there than it is in other places, making it more difficult to interact with the locals whether on vacation or business. The Liberians can understand English, therefore you can converse in it. Liberians utilize slang English, which is a cut-down version of it, when speaking on the streets. It can be seen as one of the Reasons to Visit Liberia.
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Glamour beaches

Beaches all around Liberia complement the country's tropical climate. ideal location to hang out in the summer. A considerably quieter atmosphere and the ideal place to go swimming in a lagoon can be found at CeeCee Beach, which is close to the famed Hotel Africa in Monrovia. If you enjoy beach parties, head to Monrovia's Silver Beach or the well-liked Thinker's Beach.

Relaxing in Marshall's stunning coastal location, where huge beaches are bordered by palm groves and mangrove swamps, will be a pleasure for beach lovers. This is a really unique and secluded tropical getaway for travelers looking to get away from it all.

It's likely that the wavers and surfers were aware of Liberia. Beaches can be found in abundance across Liberia, including in the capital city of Monrovia. A further undiscovered one is situated about 50 miles outside of the city. Surfing and enjoying the water are complementary activities. For experts and amateurs, respectively, Cotton Trees, Cassava Point, and Fisherman's Point are further beaches in Robertsport that are excellent for surfing. Isn't this a compelling argument to go to Liberia?
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Cultural experience

The culture of Liberia offers a unique and fascinating experience for history buffs as they get to know its 16 major tribes and the fascinating legacy of the freed American slaves who came to settle here. Liberia is known for its rich ethnic, religious, and linguistic diversity as well as its distinct Americo-Liberian heritage.

To learn about the culture and history of Liberia's largest ethnic group, the Bassa, who are thought to have immigrated from Egypt many centuries ago, you could choose to visit one of the country's traditional villages, like Bai T. Moore Village, or go on an organized tour to one of the Bassa villages in the country's central coastal region. Liberia, the oldest republic in Africa, was established in 1847 by recently freed American slaves.

You'll learn about the country's peculiar history as you examine some of the still-standing artifacts left by the Americo-Liberian pioneers who arrived on these shores in the 19th century. It's possible that their spirit of independence helped assure its survival. Among other places, Monrovia, Harper, Greenville, and Careysburg still have antebellum-era houses that have been abandoned.

Beyond these remnants of colonial rule, however, lies a multifaceted destination that maintained its independence during the Scramble for Africa and, despite a turbulent century of history, has emerged as free-spirited, kind, and optimistic, with the energy and enthusiasm of its residents frequently highlighted as a particular draw.
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Amazing festivals

In honor of a significant figure or occasion in the history of the country, Liberians mark holidays and celebrate festivals. Every year, the nation's capital city plays host to the Monrovia Children's Day festival, which is conducted in honor of the country's young people. Thousands of kids from all around Liberia come together for the festival, which has a variety of kid-friendly events like live music, games, and competitions. Independence Day, which is marked annually on July 26th, is a significant national holiday in the nation. It can be considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Liberia.

In addition, religious holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Eid al-Fitr are celebrated in Liberia. The nation was founded during the 19th-century slave repatriation, and as a result, it has a tight ties with the United States. The celebration of "Thanksgiving Day in Liberia" is evidence of the close ties that exist between the two nations. The holiday is legally mandated to be honored, and it takes place annually on November 4.
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Magnificent National Parks

The Sapo National Park is one of the many reasons to visit Liberia, which also serves as a haven for birds and other species. More than 590 different bird species can be seen here, along with 125 different mammals. The hippopotamus, African golden cat, leopards, several monkey species, pangolin species, African forest elephants, crocodiles, and a variety of other strange-looking animals are the most common creatures you'll get to see in the park.

The location is ideal if you want to experience nature. One of the final locations on Earth where you can see undeveloped rain forest is possibly Sapo. When viewed from above, the rain forest is visible from horizon to horizon, and it is unlike the expanse of rubber trees that one is accustomed to seeing in rural Liberia. This can be seen as one of the Reasons to Visit Liberia.

Chimpanzees live on the six islands that make up the Monkey Island archipelago, which is located in Marshall on the Farmington River. A New York laboratory used the chimps as test animals for 30 years of hepatitis research. They were released to the islands in 2005 once the research was over. You can hire a fisherman to transport you around in a canoe so you can see the monkeys even if you can't actually land on the island.
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Perfect adventure destination

Aside from the rumors that have been disseminated, your plans to visit Liberia must have been derailed by your anxiety of doing so. But hold on, exciting things are happening in Liberia! The annual Cycle challenge is well-known in Liberia. You can pedal 300 miles in this adventure from Sierra Leone's busy Bo through lush green scenery to one of Liberia's most stunning beaches.

Liberia is located in the Gulf of Guinea's East Central Atlantic area. With so much sea available, it is only natural that sea-related tourism initiatives are starting to appear here and there. Examples include river excursions, sea-fishing, sea-diving, and dolphin watching.

It's likely that the wavers and surfers were aware of Liberia. Beaches can be found in abundance across Liberia, including in the capital city of Monrovia. A further undiscovered one is situated about 50 miles outside of the city. Surfing and enjoying the water are complementary activities. For surfers, Robertsport is a real gem. For surfers of all skill levels, there are surf breaks. Choosing a wave that fits your experience and comfort level is quite simple. Isn't this a compelling argument to go to Liberia?

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