Top 11 Reasons to Visit Mauritius

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The Indian Ocean's "jewel," Mauritius, is a popular destination for vacations and leisure pursuits. Mauritius has it all: white-flour beaches, a turquoise lagoon, lush flora, activities in the interior, and a rich cultural heritage. There are so many things to do in Mauritius that you can be sure you won't get bored while there. Here are the top reasons to visit Mauritius that can persuade you if you haven't given the idea much thought in the past.

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Amazing landscapes

Mauritius is a beautiful tourist destination known for its landscapes of lush green meadows and waters that are a brilliant blue color. This is one of the reasons to visit Mauritius. East of Madagascar and the southern coast of Africa is where this island nation is situated. This nation is one of the most well-known tourist destinations because of its magnificent and distinctive view of white sand beaches, distinctive wildlife, volcanic landscapes, and natural diversity.

A type of dormant volcano located in Curepipe is called Trou Aux Cerfs. The cone and crater are present, and the experts predict that they will become active within the next 1000 years. You may view not just this location but also the areas nearby in 360 degrees. This natural area has a dense layer of foliage that makes for a pleasant stroll. One should not attempt or follow those specific routes because the journey to the crater is highly hazardous.
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Great weather all year round

When traveling, the weather is the main concern for everyone. Will it be cold? Is it really that warm outside? However, if you are considering a trip to Mauritius, you need not be concerned about the weather since the tropical environment is pleasant all year long. This thing is one of the reasons to visit Mauritius.

In contrast to other nations, Mauritius is a year-round vacation spot. This is mostly because of its favorable geographic location. Mauritius actually benefits from a lot of sunshine all year round because it is located close to the tropic of Capricorn. There are just two seasons in Mauritius: winter for the final six months and summer from October to April. Even in the dead of winter, Mauritius is still surprisingly warm, and it goes without saying that the heat only increases over the summer. Here, the temperature never goes below 16 °C and rises to a comfortable 35 °C with ease.
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Diving and snorkeling paradise

For those who enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling, Mauritius is a veritable paradise. Those blues are already breathtaking above the water, but once your goggles are below the surface, an underwater metropolis in crystal clarity opens up to you. You're sure to be diving into the ocean every day given the island's year-round hot and humid atmosphere. With over 50 different varieties of coral, great visibility, and a wide range of exotic fish, Blue Bay Marine Park on the South East coast is a must-see. Mangroves and patches of seagrass, which are vital habitats that give the local ecosystems life, are also found in the park. You may still see the stunning, colorful aquatic scenery from a glass-bottom boat if you don't want to get wet.

Ile aux Cerfs
is a serene lagoon with shallow water that is fantastic for snorkeling and is kid-friendly. The longest stretch of beautiful white sand on the island, Flic en Flac beach is a must-see, and the seas are home to an abundance of marine life. This is why "The Cathedral," a cavern and cave system, is a well-known dive spot and is located in Flic en Flac! For those with more experience, Le Morne is home to the incredible St. Jacques drift dive, where the current will carry you from a shallow lagoon through a channel in the reef to open water. Grand Bay has over a dozen sites with gorgeous coral reefs that are suitable for beginning divers.
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Ideal place for hiking

Due to the numerous hiking opportunities available on the entire island, Mauritius, which is well known for its mountainous topography due to its volcanic heritage, is a favorite destination for tourists. Any adventure enthusiast will find it difficult to resist hiking and trekking in Mauritius due to the combination of difficult treks across unforgiving terrain. Beautiful places to explore and get close to nature may be found in the thriving island nation.

In the southwest of Mauritius, there is a 6754-hectare national park called Black River Gorges National Park. There are several opportunities for climbing and trekking in this area. A 120-kilometer track leads into the western gorges of the park, and a 50-kilometer trail leads east. A hiking map for the main trails is available to visitors at the park's Petrin information center. Hiring a guide is advised for longer and more secluded treks. The greatest time to hike in Black River Gorges National Park is during the winter months. Before embarking on the excursion, it is advised that the tourists pack their hiking boots, spare clothes, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent cream, and a sufficient amount of food and water.
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Indigenous culture

The Mauritian culture is regarded as having the most varied cultural fusion in the Indian Ocean. It is just one of the many causes why people want to relocate to Mauritius. The island is multicultural and combines a variety of strange cultures and traditions. Its culture is intense and rich; it is referred to be a cultural kaleidoscope. One of the numerous causes that influenced the Mauritian Culture we know today was Mauritius' lengthy history of slavery, indenture, suffering, colonization, and eventually its independence.

The three musical genres that are most popular in Mauritius are sega, reggae, and seggae. Séga is a musical representation of Mauritius' lighthearted, cheery, and pleasant way of life. It is today a joyful tropical dance, but it was once a way for African slaves who had been ripped from their homes to express their grief and sensuality. Traditionally, it is accompanied by a triangle, a maravane, a ravanne, a cylindrical drum. It is now performed with contemporary instruments like the bass, guitar, and drums. The community as a whole enjoys the music, which has been passed down from generation to generation. When visitors to the island arrive, they are frequently invited to participate in this joyful dance barefoot.

Model ships are constructed in woodworking shops all around Mauritius, which is home to some of the most well-known indigenous craftspeople in the world. This creation was created by the Frenchman Raphael Touze, who was inspired by the Mauritian wood's fine craftsmanship and chose to investigate this niche. The most popular woods, however, are ebony, teak, and rosewood. They make the ideal memento to bring home at the end of your vacation because they have been reconstituted from their original design. The showroom and workshop of Historic Marine, the biggest Mascarene model factory in Goodlands, are interesting to see.
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Charming nature

There are several stunning natural places on Mauritius, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Here are some national parks worth visiting, including paradisiacal beaches, places of great spiritual significance, and areas rich in flora and fauna. Over 60 different orchid species are among the 700 types of native plants. Surprisingly, Mauritius is the world's second-largest exporter of cut flowers and plants behind the Netherlands. Because of habitat degradation and the introduction of plants and animals that compete with and eat fruits and seedlings, a significant portion of Mauritius' native flora is in danger.

Located 22.5 kilometers off Mauritius' northeast coast, Round Island is an offshore islet. Round Island, which was designated a nature reserve in 1957, is home to the final vestiges of a lowland settlement that was formerly well-known in Mauritius and was rich in palm trees. It is known for its reptile community, which includes between 7-8 endemic reptile species, and is home to several rare palm species. Round Island has maintained many natural components and is free of imported mammals as a result of its seclusion. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden is yet another destination for those who enjoy the outdoors. With 500 different plant types, 80 of which are palms, this 60-acre garden is home to a wide variety of vegetation. Because of its enormous lilies and the Talipot Palms that grow there, the garden is well-known among naturalists.
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One of a kind Food Experiences

Mauritius is a food-lovers paradise, with a menu that draws inspiration from around the world and a focus on delectable seafood. Because of the island's rich ethnic makeup, its food draws inspiration from all around the world. You can enjoy rich curries with a Creole history, delicate pastries from Europe, and Asian noodle and rice dishes. This is definitely one of the reasons to visit Mauritius.

It should come as no surprise that Mauritius is well-known for its seafood with a fishing ground as productive as the Indian Ocean. It can be found in everything from hot Creole rougaille and traditional Chinese dim sum to French-inspired meals and Indian curries, and it appears frequently on menus all around the island. Here, it's common to catch exotic species like parrot fish, marlin, octopus, and sacre chien, so now is your time to try them all. Most resorts offer fishing trips, some of which are even in glass bottom boats, so if you're feeling particularly daring, try your hand at catching your own dinner using a bamboo rod. The secret to successful fishing is patience, so don't be discouraged if the bait's plump prawns appear more appetizing than the scraps you find on your hook. If all else fails, consider dining barefoot while overlooking the ocean at a beachside establishment. In any case, eating lobster is much more glamorous than catching it.
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Famous Mauritian drink

It is not surprising that rum is the drink of choice on the island of Mauritius given that sugar cane remains a significant source of exports despite the country's recent diversification of its exports. Visitors to the Rhumerie de Chamarel in the southwest can take a tour of the distillery and discover how rum is made, from the plantation to the bottle. It might be advisable to resolve any designated driver issues prior to the distribution of the samples because Mauritius rum is seductively smooth and sweet.

In Mauritius, wherever you stay, there's a good chance you'll encounter rhum arrangé, rum flavored with regional fruits and spices. The largest selection of rums on the island—more than 180 different kinds from all over the world—can be found in the recently established Rum Shed at the Shanti Maurice resort in the south. Veranda Resorts in the north of the island offers courses as part of its cultural program if you'd like to attempt making your own.
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Warm and kind-hearted people

The welcoming attitude of Mauritius' people is a reflection of the island nation's stunning natural beauty and diversity. They are united by the depth of their culture and heritage. The Mauritian grin is sincere, and the people are renowned for their friendliness and warmth. You will always feel welcome in this friendly country.

You are likely to meet some of the friendliest, most genuinely welcome people in your whole life if you travel to Mauritius. Each and every person you come into contact with, from the bellhop at your hotel to the proprietor of the neighborhood café, will be more than eager to help you out or offer suggestions for exciting activities and sights to see while you're there. The greatest places to meet locals are on the free beaches, or on weekends and on public holidays in the stores and markets. Discovering Mauritius and the history and culture of its people can be done by taking guided tours with locals or adventure groups.
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Many beautiful beaches

The beaches of Mauritius are frequently the first aspect of the island that comes to mind for visitors. It is a typical tropical island, tucked away to the east of Madagascar and encircled by the warm Indian Ocean. It has approximately 160 kilometers of shoreline that are filled with picture-perfect beaches, impressive volcanic peaks, and lush flora.

Every region of the island has its own "type" of beach. You can find the typical white sand/azure water beaches that are featured on travel brochures in the north. No matter which option you go with—Belle Mare, Troy aux Biches, or Mont Choisy—you can't go wrong. Since the east coast is more rugged, you are more likely to come across a quiet, little beach there. The best beach around is Blue Bay beach. For surfers, the south is wilder and finest. A traditional favorite is Gris-Gris. You can also discover lengthy, deserted beaches with golden sand in the west.
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Fascinating Heritage

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Mauritius is well-known across the world for its unique past as a colony of the Dutch, French, and British from 1604 to 1968. The history of this island nation is replete with conflicts, and Mauritius' many museums and tourist attractions continue to preserve the memory of these fights. The Blue Penny Museum in Port Louis, Mauritius, is a must-visit destination that has many French and British artifacts on display.

Le Morne Brabant and the Appravasi Ghat are two locations in Mauritius that have been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Appravasi Ghat served as the immigration depot where the first workers from India, Eastern Africa, China, and South East Asia arrived. Le Morne Brabant served as a refuge for maroon slaves who fled their lords' harsh treatment. The Government House, Fort Adelaide, Champ de Mars, the ruins at Balaclava, the European ruins, and the Dutch ruins at Vieux Grand Port are a few other well-known historical sites that can be visited.

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