Top 8 Reasons To Visit Saint Lucia

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St. Lucia is a Caribbean island nation recognized for its breathtaking beauty, outstanding virgin beaches, excellent West Indian cuisine, amazing nature and fauna, and world-class resorts. This sun-drenched tropical paradise attracts many of the world's wealthy and famous, as well as explorers from all over the world. Those are just some reasons making this country to be one of the most popular escapes from busy life. Toplist has compiled for you some reasons to visit Saint Lucia that you may want to know.

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Stunning Landscapes

The two volcanic plugs known as the Pitons dominate the island's most famous views. The two high hills, covered in lush foliage, loom above the ocean, providing the ideal setting for great photography as well as wonderful trekking. The Gros Piton is the largest of the two plugs, and tourists wishing for an adventurous day can take a journey up the hill on the natural route.

Aside from these two renowned St. Lucia sites, the Pigeon Island National Park is another area to take in the gorgeous beauty of the island, as well as a bit of history, as the park includes Fort Rodney ruins. If you're looking for something a little different, trek up to the Sault Falls and take a dip in the cool, fresh spring water, or hike the Tet Paul Nature Trail, which provides fantastic island views. Keep reading this list of reasons to visit Saint Lucia to learn more about this beautiful country.
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Festivals and Entertainment

Saint Lucia tourism offers a variety of possibilities to attend a local festival and enjoy local entertainment throughout the year. The St. Lucia Carnival in June is one of the most important festivities, with the capital city of Castries transformed into a frenzy of colorful decorating, street parties, and celebration.

The main event of this festival is a Mardi Gras-style party on Carnival Tuesday, which includes a parade, soca dancing in the street, and an overall joyful atmosphere. Other popular festivals to attend while in Saint Lucia include the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, the St. Lucia Food and Rum Festival in October, and the Festival of Lights and Renewal in December, when locals compete in lantern making. And don't worry, if you can't make it to a particular festival, locals hold a special event - Friday Night Street Parties all year long, which is also the next reason Toplist would like to introduce to you.
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Friday Night Party

Attending the Friday Night Party, an unbeatable occasion to experience the Caribbean party, connect with locals, and dance till the early hours of the morning, is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island of Saint Lucia. The Friday Night Party is a night street party held on Friday nights throughout the island. The most well-known is that of Gros Islet (near Rodney Bay), with Dauphine Street being the busiest.

Dauphin Street is lined with dozens of street booths selling a variety of foods. There were dumplings, grilled lobsters, various skewers, battered veggies, and servings of gratin pasta. Similarly, you can find a variety of drinks, ranging from soda or homemade juice to any form of alcoholic beverage. Following supper, you can continue to enjoy the night at any of the street music venues. People come to dance to the rhythm of Zouk, reggae, or commercial pop at the end of Dauphine Street, near the sea. You can stay out till daylight, although it is best to leave around two o'clock because robberies on tourists tend to spike around that hour.
Friday Night Street Party, St. Lucia
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Spectacular Beaches and Snorkeling

St. Lucia has some of the Caribbean's best beaches. Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, is located on the island's southwest coast and offers many luxury accommodations with breathtaking views of the mighty Pitons, the island's highest peaks. With a world-class scuba center, private boat tours, and world-class restaurants.

The reef on the northern side of Pitons Bay has some of the best snorkeling in St. Lucia. Swimmers can see beautiful corals, colorful parrotfish, sea urchins, and possibly even one of the island's endangered sea turtles in these waters. If you want more privacy on your St. Lucia vacation, head north to Pigeon Island. In addition to swimming and snorkeling, some tour businesses also provide snuba and sea helmet experiences. After you spend some time on the sand, you can explore some of St. Lucia’s colonial history at Fort Rodney. To round up their wonderful day, guests can dine at the magnificent waterfront restaurant Jambe de Bois.
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Bathe in geothermal mud at the world’s only drive-in volcano

Saint Lucian mud baths are a geographical and geothermal wonder due to the region's past volcanic activity. If you're seeking a genuinely one-of-a-kind experience, head to the magnificent Sulphur Springs. The mud baths are a few miles from Sulphur Springs in St Lucia, which is located in the island's southwestern corner.

Mud baths are natural pools formed by geothermal energy induced by St. Lucia's geographical location. Mud baths are heated to a temperature of 36-40 degrees Celsius. This heated mud promotes lymph fluid mobility and increases blood flow. This improves blood circulation and reduces edema and inflammation. The muddy mixture is smooth and warm, creating an almost weightless experience that can aid in the relaxation of stiff muscles. Most mud baths contain a blend of hot spring water and volcanic ash, which can help reduce cellulite and is said to have anti-aging benefits.

Mud baths are not harmful to ordinary people as long as their skin is free of open sores and is safely intact. The sulfur content of the vital minerals inside the bath may produce a pungent odor reminiscent of rotten eggs. Mud baths are not indicated for pregnant women or those with high or low blood pressure, heart issues, existing wounds, rashes, or heat sensitivity.
Sulphur Springs and Mud Bath - St Lucia
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Enjoy the water activities

Water activity is one of many reasons to visit Saint Lucia you should know. Saint Lucia has a variety of water activities. One of the most popular activities here is fishing. Sailors and anglers can charter a boat for the sea in practically any part of Saint Lucia and go deep-sea fishing in quest of the enormous fish that swim there. If you visit Saint Lucia, you can also participate in water sports such as windsurfing, snorkeling, water skiing, and parasailing. Windsurfers will be able to sample the waves at Cas en Bas and Vieux Fort, and if you are just getting started, the west coast will be handier.

All of the hotels will provide you with equipment, and because the island has multiple windsurfing centers, you will have plenty of instructors. There are also several snorkeling tour companies that work in cooperation with hotels, so you don't even have to walk to the beach to book one. When it comes to water skiing and parasailing, there is something for everyone, but don't miss the panoramic parasailing flight over Rodney Bay. The most major marinas on Santa Lucia are located here and in Marigot Bay, where you may rent yachts and boats to go for a walk or reach other islands such as the Grenadines.
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Heaven For Chocolate Lovers

If you are in Saint Lucia, you literally can participate in the process of making chocolate yourself. This is one of the major reasons to visit Saint Lucia that you should know if you are a chocolate lover. The Caribbean island has become one of the world's trendiest destinations for chocolate tourism, and sampling this delicious dessert while you're here is well worth it. You can trace the steps of chocolate-making as you tour cacao fields or estates, from harvesting cacao pods to wrapping chocolate bars. If you choose to indulge in your favorite pleasure, you may find cafés and bakeries that specialize in chocolate delicacies, as well as restaurants whose chefs are dedicated to exceptional chocolate dishes and desserts. You could take culinary classes that teach you how to make the sweet and how to taste it like a pro. If you're really into chocolate, you can even stay at chocolate-themed hotels like Saint Lucia's Boucan by Hotel Chocolat.

Saint Lucia chocolate is for purists since it includes less sugar than Belgian, Dutch, French, and American chocolates. This produces a stronger chocolate flavor, which may be savored in a number of combinations and recipes. Single-estate Saint Lucia chocolate - made completely on one plantation - has a high status and distinct flavor, similar to wine from several vineyards. This flavor is best appreciated in moderation.
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Wonderful Saint Lucian Cuisine

If you want to eat something truly authentic to the country, get a Chicken Roti, a massive pancake packed with chicken, potato, and mustard that could feed a horse. Try the traditional "Simos", an energy drink made from a dried sea plant with spices, sugar, and, possibly, cognac. You can also include peanuts. It's like a sweet-tasting potion with a thick thickness.

You should know that Saint Lucian cuisine is a combination of European, American, and African traditions. A large portion of their menu is hot and heavily seasoned in the true Caribbean way. Sweet potato, arrowroot, and cassava roots are used to make authentic specialties.

The culinary specialties are likewise focused on the use of fish and seafood, with a hint of French cuisine and a Creole touch. They also serve steak from Argentina and have a particular fondness for barbecues. Rum has been the iconic drink in the Caribbean islands since the 16th century. You may also acquire a variety of beers and delectable tropical fruit juices, the combination of which - coconut with papaya, strawberry with coconut, banana with strawberry and coconut, and so on - gives rise to the original titles with which they have been given. These are available with or without alcohol.

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