A Not So Fairy Tale

The engrossing manhwa (Korean comic) "A Not So Fairy Tale" transports readers to a realm where imagination and reality unexpectedly mix. This manhwa, written and illustrated by Hyobin, presents an intriguing and thought-provoking story with a distinctive take on classic fairy tales.

A foolish woodcutter sentences a fairy who descended from heaven to decades of imprisonment in the human world after he takes her robe. The fairy of today is called Moran Cheon, a well-known actress who gets unjustly charged with murder. After being banished, Moran became bitter and resentful. Her plan to get revenge began to take shape when she learned that Jeha Sa, a police officer assigned to the case, was actually the reincarnation of a woodcutter from centuries ago.

"A Not So Fairy Tale"
is an aesthetically spectacular film, with intricate artwork that vividly imagines the fantastical setting. The manhwa subverts conventional fairy tale clichés while deftly incorporating themes of individuality, empowerment, and the value of crafting one's own story. It questions the idea of happily-ever-afters and exhorts readers to take control of their own lives and question social norms.

Regardless of your interest in fantasy, fairy tales, or self-improvement narratives, "A Not So Fairy Tale" is sure to captivate and provoke thinking. This manhwa challenges readers to rethink the fairy tale genre and uncover the magic that resides within their own distinctive storylines through its engrossing storytelling and exquisite artwork.

Author: hyobin

Genres: Drama, Fantasy

Chapters: 70

Read here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/a-not-so-fairy-tale/list?title_no=5637

Screenshots via webtoons.com
Screenshots via webtoons.com
Screenshots via webtoons.com
Screenshots via webtoons.com

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