I Wasn't the Cinderella

The engrossing manhwa (Korean comic) "I Wasn't the Cinderella" flips the conventional fairy tale story on its head and gives viewers a new and empowered viewpoint. That is one of the best dark romance manhwa (webtoons). This manhwa, which was written and illustrated by a gifted group of people, takes readers on a journey of self-discovery, inner strength, and defying social expectations.

Terryl's lover left her, but how could it be due to her poor status? Terryl learns the stunning truth about her identity—that she is the daughter of a powerful duke—from an enigmatic stranger after her humiliating breakup. Terryl, armed with her newfound talents and elevated social status, plots revenge on her pathetic ex-boyfriend and considers marrying his brother, Cesio. In this manner he will never be made a marquis! But when Terryl learns Cesio's sinister secret, what will she do? Is that really a fairytale, or will she truly get her happily ever after?

"I Wasn't the Cinderella"
combines drama, romance, and themes of personal development. It looks at issues like discovering one's actual identity, overcoming social limits, and accepting oneself. This manhwa gives readers a novel perspective on the traditional Cinderella story by highlighting the value of accepting oneself and one's individuality through its realistic characters and thought-provoking narrative.

Readers follow the protagonist's path as she goes from feeling like an outsider to realizing her own value and accepting her uniqueness. The manhwa questions conventional ideas of success and beauty, inspiring readers to think critically about society norms and discover their own voice in a world that frequently places restrictions on them. Regardless of your preference for non-traditional fairy tales, tales of self-actualization, or stories that honor uniqueness, "I Wasn't the Cinderella" is a captivating and motivational read.

Author: doba, Kim Joon Kee

Genres: Romance, Fantasy

Chapters: 95

Read here: https://tapas.io/series/i-wasnt-the-cinderella/info

Screenshots via tapas.io
Screenshots via tapas.io
Screenshots via tapas.io
Screenshots via tapas.io

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