How to Win My Husband Over

The charming Korean comic "How to Win My Husband Over" delves into the intricacies of love, marriage, and the process of reigniting a waning romance. This manhwa, which was written and illustrated by SIRU, takes readers through the highs and lows of married life in a touching and occasionally amusing way.

The protagonist of the novel is trying to regain their partner's affection despite finding themselves in a difficult scenario where their relationship with their husband has lost its spark. When she perished in an airplane crash, she believed she had finally escaped her horrible life. However, when she woke up, she was Rudbeckia de Borgia, a historical novel villain who was going to be killed by her husband, Iske van Omerta. It was difficult enough for her to survive in the unstable Borgia household, but now she had to wed the man who would murder her! It was still alright, though; she simply needed to persuade Iske, his family, and every citizen of his country that she was harmless! How challenging might that be?

"How to Win My Husband Over" delves into the universal themes of love, dedication, and the many obstacles that may emerge in partnerships lasting a lifetime. It explores the subtleties of interpersonal development, emotional connection, and the ability of little acts to rekindle a romantic relationship. Through its sympathetic narrative and emotive artwork, the manhwa depicts the emotional rollercoaster that comes with trying to find true love. "How to Win My Husband Over" is a touching and realistic book for anyone who enjoys romance, slice-of-life stories, or stories that delve into the complexities of interpersonal relationships.

Author: Spice&Kitty, SIRU

Genres: Romance, Fantasy

Chapters: 87

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