I Will Fall With the Emperor

The captivating manhwa (Korean comic book) "I Will Fall With the Emperor" draws readers into an intriguing realm of political intrigue, forbidden romance, and the ambiguities of power. This manhwa, which was written and illustrated by Tenichi, transports readers to the turbulent world of an imperial court and follows the life of a resolute protagonist.

"You, too, will be corrupted. Then I will make it all come true," he taunted her. If she had only joined hands with him and agreed to become his mistress back then, perhaps she could have prolonged her life by a little while longer. At least she wouldn't have known the agonizing pain of her eyes being gouged out. But instead, she found the strength to shout, "I refuse. I will not betray my country," unaware that her country, her family, had long betrayed her. She was sacrificed, used, abandoned, and ultimately executed by her own kin... It was only upon returning to the past, ten years ago, that she realized the reason why he wanted her to stand by his side was because they were so much alike. This time, they would fall together.

"I Will Fall With the Emperor" is a romantic drama with political thriller undertones. It looks at love, giving, and the moral conundrums that people caught up in the politics of power encounter. This manhwa has readers on the edge of their seats as they avidly follow the protagonist's journey through devotion, passion, and the search of justice thanks to its rich characters, compelling artwork, and sophisticated story twists.

Readers are drawn into an extravagant, secretive, and well-planned world through the protagonist's experiences. The manhwa explores the depths of human emotions, illustrating the competing allegiances and desires that influence the decisions made by the characters. In a world when trust is scarce, it asks readers to consider the cost of power and the ramifications of following their hearts.

"I Will Fall With the Emperor"
is an engaging and intense book for anyone who enjoys historical dramas, forbidden love stories, or stories that delve into the depths of moral dilemmas. Get ready for a trip into the halls of power, where duty and love meet and an empire's destiny is at stake.

Author: Tenichi

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo,

Chapters: 80

Read here: https://ww7.mangakakalot.tv/manga/manga-ps992853

Screenshots via mangakakalot.tv
Screenshots via mangakakalot.tv
Screenshots via mangakakalot.tv
Screenshots via mangakakalot.tv

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