Ancient Cave Paintings

Amambay Hills, near Villarrica, is one of the historical sites in Paraguay where you can find old paintings and texts. When you visit Paraguay, don't forget to bring your camera. Coming here will provide you with a fictitious picture of Paraguay throughout its difficult years. There are numerous representations in the ancient literature. Some depict animals or constellations, while others depict female characters. These writings are thought to have been carved into the rocks by native Paraguayan tribes between 5000 and 2500 B.C. They are revered by the people of Pai Tavytera. They are also thought to be a route to the mountain Ybytyruz.

The majority of the rock art in Paraguay is petroglyphs, or rock carvings, in the so-called "footprints style," which includes both zoomorphic and anthropomorphic representations. Almost all carvings in Paraguay use lithic technology and depict geometric, anthropomorphic, and cosmic motifs. Because of the repetition of hard rock flakes like silicified sandstone on softer sedimentary sandstone, this style of engraving generally leaves deep and wide images (one centimeter or more).

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