Delicious Local Food

Unlike in some nations where the food is a turnoff, the food in Paraguay is good, hearty, and simple. The majority of the food comes from two staples: corn and cassava (mandioca). In Paraguay, you will find high-end restaurants, food trucks, and other interesting places. Some of the country's meal variations include the kivevé dish, Sopa paraguaya, chicken soup (bor bor), and cornbread rolls (chipá). This kivevé dish is made with creamed pumpkin. If you enjoy trying new foods, you should visit Asuncion, Paraguay right now.

You would like eating Sopa Paraguaya with grilled meats. It has a similar texture to cornbread. Its components include eggs, cheese, and milk. Banana leaves are used to wrap the milk, which is then baked in a wood-fired oven before eating. As an afternoon snack, get steaming hot empanadas from any nearby street seller. To fully appreciate this, wash it down with a cold local lager. When visiting Paraguay's capital, don't pass on this opportunity.

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